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Erie Head Injury Lawyers Increased Risk For Young Athletes

September 26, 2010

September 27, 2010, Erie, PA — An article in today’s Erie Times reports on the new focus on head injuries generally and particularly in connection with young athletes. As anyone with persistent head injury symptoms can attest, even a slight concussion is nothing to be ignored. It’s more, as the article headlines, than just a bump on the head.

In our practice as Erie lawyers representing people with head injuries , we’ve learned that the duration and severity of long term head injury symptoms are not necessarily connected to the apparent severity of the injury at the time it occurs. Even mild head injuries can result in profound consequences, particularly when the victim is younger or has a history of prior head trauma.

At professional and college levels (and at some high school events) trained health care professionals are on site or within seconds of the playing field. But that isn’t always practical at all levels of sport. In Erie, St. Vincent Health Center offers concussion testing to Erie County athletes. They perform pre-season testing on athletes to establish a baseline and then administer follow-up tests when a head injury is suspected.

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