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Erie Car Crash Injury Lawyers Report Settlement Of Post Concussion Syndrome Case

August 16, 2011

August 17, 2011, ERIE, PA — A settlement recently posted in our results section illustrates the challenges faced by people with head injuries from Pennsylvania car accidents. The case (details of which are posted HERE ) involved a simple Erie car accident. Our driver was struck by a snow plow that had failed to stop for a STOP sign. Fault was easy.

The problems with the case came from the injuries themselves and the status of our client. The injuries were Pennsylvania car crash head injuries and, like most such injuries, had taken time to diagnose. Any delay in treatment and diagnosis complicates a case because the Pennsylvania car insurance companies who defend these cases use the delay to create confusion and doubt.

The status of our client was a problem, too. She had elected limited tort on her auto insurance policy and, as regular readers know, that is not a good thing in a Pennsylvania car accident case. Further complicating things was the fact that the snowplow was a government vehicle and such drivers get special protection as set forth in the Pennsylvania Political Subdivision Tort Claims Act.

The client originally went to see another Erie car accident lawyer. The complications of the case caused that lawyer to refer the case to Purchase, George & Murphey, P.C.. We’ve handled a large number of Pennsylvania post-concussion syndrome cases and other Pennsylvania car accident head injuries and were convinced we could help. We took the case.

You’re reading this and so you probably suspect the case ended well. You’re right, it did. You can read all about it in our Pennsylvania Injury Case Results section.

But it wasn’t easy. Whenever an Erie injury lawyer refers a Pennsylvania injury case to us from the outset (usually they wait until they can’t get the case resolved on their own), you know the case presents with challenges. Some of the challenges in this case were outside the control of our client. For example, she didn’t choose to have a head injury and she didn’t choose to be struck by a careless government driver. However, she should have promptly sought medical attention for her Pennsylvania car accident head injury and, as we’ve said here before many times, no one should elect the limited tort option (in our humble opinion).

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