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Erie Car Crash Attorneys Cop Loses Rights Because Of Limited Tort

March 29, 2011

March 30, 2011, ERIE, PA — We watch the news of trials and judgment from other counties carefully. Unfortunately, when we see cases from other areas that involve limited tort, it’s almost never good news for injured people in Pennsylvania. The latest case from Monroe County was no exception.

In Stout v. Deleo, a Monroe County judge threw an injured policeman out of court because the policeman had elected limited tort on his Pennsylvania car insurance policy. The policeman, who’d been injured through no fault of his own, and who’d claimed chronic injuries to his shoulder, neck and back, was not permitted to recover a penny for his pain and suffering.

We profile the case in our articles library and you can read more about it HERE . The takeaway, however, ought to be clear. Limited tort might save you a few dollars now but it can cost you much more when you really need it. For that reason, we strongly encourage all of our clients, family and friends to elect to have Full Tort coverage. If you’ve already elected limited tort, call your insurance agent now (and follow with a letter confirming) and tell your agent you want to change all of your Pennsylvania car insurance policies to FULL TORT COVERAGE.

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