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Erie Car Accident Lawyers Halloween Safety Tips

October 28, 2010

October 29, 2010, Erie, PA — The number of pedestrian deaths among pedestrians aged 4 – 14 is four times higher on Halloween than on any other night of the year. Trick-or-treaters excited by the evening forget to pay attention to motorists. So, drivers, be careful. Here we offer tips from AAA to help make the evening a fun and safe one.

* Avoid cutting through residential areas where trick-or-treaters might be present.

* Obey all traffic signs and signals.

* Go slow. Really slow. The risk of pedestrian accidents goes up substantially as speed increases.

* Be alert for children crossing mid-block.

* Scan far ahead, including yards and sidewalks, to be alert to the presence of children and able to monitor their activities.

* Turn on your headlights.

* Be ready to stop on a dime.

On Halloween night, it is certain that virtually every kid in your community will be out on the street, running, talking, not paying attention. Kids will dart out in front of cars on Halloween night. It’s going to happen. Drivers, be alert.

Parents, you can help, too. Follow these Halloween safety tips to reduce your child’s risk:

* Accompany young trick-or-treaters at least until age 12.

* Use reflective material in your children’s costume.

* Review safety rules with your children, including pedestrian and traffic safety rules (cross only at intersections; never enter the street between parked cars; look both ways; wait for traffic to come to a stop before crossing; don’t cross against lights).

* Plan the route your children will follow.

* Make sure disguises do not obstruct your child’s vision. Face paint may be preferable to face masks.

* Make sure your children know not to enter a stranger’s home or garage and to approach only well-lit homes.

* Use only blunt tipped and flexible props to avoid injury from tripping or horseplay.

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