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Erie Car Accident Lawyer News Txting While Driving Conviction

June 7, 2012

June 7, 2012 — Another example of the growing trend of law enforcement taking action against texting while driving, a Massachusetts teen was the first person that state to be convicted under their texting while driving law and the young man was sentenced to at least one year in jail.

Aaron Deveau was texting while driving and caused a car accident last year that took the life of a 55 year old man and seriously injured a passenger.  According to prosecutors, the young man had sent 193 text messages the day of the crash, including some shortly prior to impact and dozens more immediately afterward.

He was convicted of motor vehicle homicide and negligent operation while texting.  His sentence was 2 1/2 years but will likely only serve 1 year behind bars while the rest of the sentence is suspended.

Texting while driving is illegal in Pennsylvania and law enforcement focus on the subject is intensifying.  The Pennsylvania legislature recently added teeth to the law by making it a primary offense, allowing police officers to pull drivers over without evidence of any other offense.  When an accident causes death or injury, evidence of texting while driving may make the difference in a case that is handled by civil authorities or one that is turned over to criminal law enforcement.

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