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Erie Car Accident Lawyer News 4 Car Chain Reaction

August 25, 2012

August 25, 2012, ERIE, PA — Among Erie car accidents, rear-end chain reaction crashes are, unfortunately, fairly common.  Yesterday’s four car chain reaction crash in the 1300 block of Liberty Street was another example of this dangerous type of Pennsylvania auto accident.

Yesterday’s accident happened when northbound traffic on Liberty stopped for a red light at the intersection with 12th Street.  A Ford Ranger pickup driven by an allegedly drunk driver failed to stop and collided with the rear-end of a stopped SUV.  The SUV was pushed into the rear of the Chevrolet Cavalier in front and the Cavalier, in turn, was pushed into the rear-end of a Toyotal Corolla.

Two women involved in the collision were taken to UPMC Hamot with injuries that were described by on-scene responders as “moderate.”  As Erie injury lawyers, we know that “moderate” can be a shockingly benign way of describing dramatic injuries and so we are cautiously hopeful that the victims of this accident recover quickly and completely.

No information was provided about which vehicle the injured women occupied but chances are good that they occupied the first SUV struck from behind.  Occupants of the first vehicle struck in a chain reaction crash sometimes suffer the worst of the trauma, experiencing the initial force of being struck from behind and then an immediate and nearly equal opposite force associated with the next collision in front.  Still, in our experience of handling Pennsylvania car accident cases we’ve certainly seen injuries far down the chain, as well.

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