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Erie Car Accident Lawyer Former Trooper Becomes Accident Analyst

October 17, 2010

October 18, 2010, Erie, PA — Kevin Forcier began learning about accident reconstruction during his 25 years with the State Police. He retired this spring from the State Police and opened his own private consulting firm (4CA Consulting & Reconstruction, LLC) as a nationally certified traffic accident reconstructionist.

In a recent Erie Times article, Mr. Forcier described the equipment and technology necessary to engage in modern car accident reconstruction. By his estimation, he’s invested $80,000 to $90,000 in order to have the knowledge and equipment necessary to practice his craft.

Mr. Forcier, who works out of Venango, says he treats car accident crashes as crime scenes, taking care to gather as much information as possible to understand what happened and what might have caused it. The most common cause of accidents? Inattentiveness. “Accidents are nonpreventable, Crashes are. In most crashes, something happened that could have been done differently or could have been avoided.”

Accident reconstruction is a critical element of many car accident cases, particularly when the injuries are severe or a death is involved. Eyewitness testimony is often not available or is not reliable. When the case warrants it, a forensic examination of the physical evidence and the data that can be harvested from the vehicle’s “black box” can provide answers that otherwise might elude a typical accident investigator.

In some cases, merely determining the operator of the vehicle can be a challenge. In one case I was involved in, several people were killed or seriously injured in a high speed one car accident. There were no witnesses. The survivors had little memory of the event. Everyone involved was ejected from the vehicle. The problem in the case? We didn’t know who had been driving! Ultimately, a forensic examination involving accident reconstructionists and medical examiners pieced together the evidence in a way so as to determine who the driver was and, fortunately for our client, the answer was favorable.

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