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Erie Car Accident Lawyer Answers Snow Tire Questions

November 30, 2010

December 1, 2010, ERIE, PA — Thinking about whether you should get snow tires this season? In the last two days, I added 8 snow tires to my wife’s van and my truck. “A truck,” you say? Why would you need snow tires on a truck? In our articles library, we posted an article on the three most frequently asked questions about snow tires to explain why.

The short version is that I don’t worry about getting stuck. Sure, I don’t want to get stuck. In fact, I might put snow tires on just to avoid getting stuck. But that’s not why I buy snow tires, certainly not for my four wheel drive truck.

I buy snow tires so I can stop and steer. While four wheel drive is great for going, it’s not enough (without traction) to stop and steer. And as an Erie lawyer who’s seen a boatload of Erie winter car accident injuries, take it from me when I say winter driving is all about stopping and steering.

So, every year at this time I drag my winter tires out of the garage and go to my friendly neighborhood tire dealer (shout out to the guys at Kerr’s Tire Korner at 10th & Holland near Jerry Uht Park) and have those snow tires put on. It’s a pain and it’s a little expensive, but we think it’s worth it and highly recommend them to our friends, clients and family.

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