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Erie Burn Injury Attorneys Warn Of Fire Pot Dangers

June 15, 2011

June 16, 2011, ERIE, PA — The Consumer Product Safety Commission has warned that outdoor ceramic firepots and tiki torches pose serious safety hazards in common usage. The Commission warns that a gel fuel commonly used with both can explode when poured into or on already lit fires.

The Commission said it had at least eight reports of injuries from firepots or related gel fuel since April. The Commission also cautioned consumers to store the fuel for the firepots out of the reach of children.

Two incidents in New York may have prompted the attention to the firepot/gel fuel issue. Two men, a teenager and a man in his twenties, were seriously injured in separate incidents when firepots exploded as gel fuel was being poured into them. Both incidents involved pots and/or fuel from Napa Home & Garden, Inc. The company has placed a “precautionary hold” on sales of its firepots and fuel although the company also issued a statement, “We have sold tens of thousands of Fire Burners and fuel during the last two years and have always considered them safe products.”

Fire Safety

Dangerous products can cause serious injuries, just like those in New York with the firepots. But campfires and barbecues can be dangerous, too. It’s summer in Pennsylvania and that means people will be spending more time outdoors, likely enjoying a fire at night or barbecuing. Outdoor fires can be fun for the whole family but it bears remembering that they can pose significant hazards. Following a few simple safety tips can be the difference between a great summer evening and a summer marked by injury or tragedy. For tips on outdoor fire safety, click HERE .

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