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Erie Bike Safety Rodeo Cancelled

July 29, 2010

We’re sad to report that today’s Erie Times News had a story advising that the Peninsula Bike Safety Rodeo scheduled for this weekend has been cancelled due to lack of registration.

It’s a shame that this fun and worthwhile event didn’t attract more attention.

If you’re interested in knowing more about bike safety for your kids, we’ve got resources available on our site, including a free comic book for kids on summer safety and Ten Tips to get Your Child to Wear a Bike Helmet .

Erie bike accidents and bike related injuries are more common than you think. As the parents of young kids, both Tim and I know how hard it can be to get kids to pay attention to safety. Kids don’t want to wear helmets and they don’t think they’re ever going to be hurt. Even looking both ways is sometimes the last thing on their minds. Anything that you can do as parents to emphasize the need for caution will help. Take a moment to review these materials and consider how you can use them to increase your child’s safety.