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Erie Bicycle Accident Lawyer Woman Hurt In Bicycle Hit And Run Crash

September 12, 2010

September 13, 2010, Erie — Kristen Ellen Cameron, 25, was riding her bike last night in Summit Township when she became the victim of an Erie hit and run accident that has her in serious condition at Hamot Medical Center in Erie.

Ms. Cameron was on the berm of the road and headed south when Allen F. Peters, 49, struck her from behind with his 1979 Chevrolet Caprice. Mr. Peters then drove another 300 yards before stopping to assess the damage to his vehicle. The details aren’t clear from the information available but it appears that Mr. Peters then left the scene of the Erie bicycle accident without offering assistance or providing information. He was later arrested at his home in Waterford Township and is being held at the Erie County Prison.

Ms. Cameron was wearing a helmet but was transported to Hamot Medical Center where she is listed in serious condition. Ms. Cameron is a resident of Prince Edward Island, Canada. We hope that she is better soon and that she has friends and family nearby who can be with her quickly.

We’ve blogged of this in other contexts but leaving the scene of a car accident is among the most foolish and cowardly acts that we encounter in Pennsylvania personal injury cases. Accidents happen, sometimes with tragic consequence. While responsibility must be assessed, most accidents are not a reflection on one’s character and rarely do they require substantial criminal penalty. Leaving the scene, however, converts an ordinary accident into an immoral and criminal act. Fleeing the scene may deprive the injured of assistance and comfort. It can turn a serious but survivable accident into a fatality. And there are substantial criminal penalties for fleeing, particularly when there are serious injuries involved.