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Erie Attorney At Western Pennsylvania Trial Lawyers Dinner

May 10, 2012

May 10, 2012, ERIE, PA — Yes, I know I’m behind on my blogging but I couldn’t pass up a chance to prove to you that I really am married to a woman more beautiful (and charming, although you can’t tell from the picture, I imagine) than most of you would think likely of me.  Last Friday, Tammy and I were lucky enough to be able to attend the Western Pennsylvania Trial Lawyers annual Judiciary Dinner at Heinz Field and complimentary photos with the field in the background were on the agenda!

The event was great.  Tammy and I were seated with Max, Matt and Mark of the Pittsburgh SteelWheelers, an organization of wheelchair athletes who play basketball and rugby.  These guys play against teams with monikors like “the Annihilators” and “the Punishers” and they have the attitude to prove it.  I spent most of the night trying to gracefully parry their challenges to me to get into a wheelchair and join them on the field of battle (or rugby, as they called it).  Finally, I had to confess that I was just too cowardly to give it a go.  No kidding.  I promised instead I’d watch from the comparative safety of the sidelines.

The Steelwheelers were there to talk to the assembled group about the trial lawyers’ longtime commitment to the Steelwheelers generally and the funds raised from this year’s Western Pennsylvania Trial Lawyers’ President’s Challenge 5K Run.  The event raised more than $30,000 this year and has raised over $220,000 since its inception.  The funds offset the cost of the specialized equipment required to keep the Steelwheelers rolling and engaged in battle with their scary sounding opponents.

The event also marked the scholarships that are provided to the essay contest winners from western Pennsylvania school districts and honored those judges from this half of the Commonwealth who retired or reached senior status in the last year.

For me, the event was a success.  I love to hang out with Pennsylvania injury attorneys.  There is no better companion than my lovely bride.  And aside from humiliating me in front of my wife, the Steelwheeler guys were great company.  What more can a guy want?