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Employment After A DUI: Can I Lose My Job?

March 15, 2019

Employment After DUI Lawyers Erie, PA | Purchase George & Murphey, P.C.An arrest for a DUI can bring a number of serious consequences, including criminal charges, fines, and losing your license. Another concern is whether or not a DUI charge/conviction could cost you your job. Whether this possibility becomes a reality involves a number of factors including the type of job and terms of employment. So what do you need to know about DUIs and employment concerns?

Employment Type

The likelihood of losing your job after a DUI charge or conviction often depends on what type of job you have. If the majority of your job duties include transporting others like a bus driver, cab driver, or a pilot, your behavior directly affects your ability to do your job safely. This is often a fireable offense with no recourse. In addition, any job that requires a commercial drivers’ license like a truck or delivery driver falls under the same concern. If you lose your license to operate that vehicle, you will likely lose your job.

Even if your primary job description doesn’t involve operating a vehicle, you can still lose your job. If your employer requires you to do a lot of driving to fulfill your job requirements and you are arrested for DUI, your employer may no longer trust you to get that job done properly. You may work delivering food or flowers, be a postal carrier, or be a travelling salesperson. A DUI on your record means that to insure you would be much more expensive, therefore, an employer would not want you on their policy.

Professional Jobs and DUI

Certain individuals may find themselves out of a job even if driving isn’t any part of their job description. Sometimes a company is going to let an employee go because the DUI reflects poorly on their character. Teachers and doctors are a few examples of professions that may be “held to a higher standard” and a DUI can be used for justification that you aren’t going to be as trustworthy in jobs held to higher ethical standards. Some professions have administrative processes to determine licensure after a DUI conviction, and many now offer drug and alcohol help for employees.

How Does The DUI Affect Your Job?

Even when your company doesn’t have DUI as an immediately fireable offense, the aftermath of one can affect your life and your job. If you are missing work because of court dates, community service, or even jail time, your performance at your job will be impacted. Being absent and continually late is just as fireable as any other reason.

Lastly, it is important to note that in PA, if you are fired due to DUI, you are NOT eligible for unemployment benefits!

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