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Dump Truck Accident Caused By Brake Failure

November 9, 2015

Recently in Pond Eddy, Pennsylvania, a dump truck came to a halt after having an extremely harrowing voyage. According to a PennDOT representative, the dump truck, which weighed 35 tons and was carrying a load of sand, was traveling downhill on a road when its driver realized the brakes were failing. Apparently, the driver realized that some of his available options could result in the truck causing a serious collision or even falling into a river.


So, the driver steered the truck, moving at 45 to 50 mph, toward an old rickety bridge where there was no traffic. The truck went up a grade and is said to have gone airborne before landing on the wooden deck of the bridge, which had a weight limit of 7 tons.

The driver proceeded across the bridge, then flipped the dump truck onto its side on an embankment. Amazingly, the driver is said to have escaped the incident without injury. However, the bridge is now out of commission for cars, but residents can walk across it to get to and from their homes.

One can only imagine the damage a 35-ton vehicle traveling at such a speed could cause upon impact. The fact that the truck not only made it over a rickety bridge but also finally halted without causing any injuries is truly miraculous.

Dump trucks often travel in areas that are populated by automobile and pedestrian traffic. If the brakes on one of these massive vehicles fails and the driver is unable to successfully execute an evasive maneuver, the result could be unspeakable damage.

Companies that operate dump trucks have a responsibility to make sure their vehicles are mechanically sound every time they hit the road. If you or a loved one has been harmed because a company was negligent in the maintenance of one of its vehicles, you may wish to solicit the services of a Pennsylvania truck accident attorney who may be able to help you get fair recompense.

Source: The News Eagle, “Dump truck, no brakes, crosses rickety bridge,” Peter Becker, Oct. 22, 2015