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Driveway Accidents Range From Minor To Fatal

September 15, 2017

Driveway accidents are a special situation, but if your child is the person who is harmed, you probably won’t be worried about anything other than making sure your child is safe. These accidents can lead to very serious injuries, but they can also result in minor scuffs. It usually depends on how fast the vehicle was moving and how the child was struck.

If a child is barely bumped by a car that is going incredibly slow, he or she might only get bruises and a scare. This is often the best case scenario.

A more serious accident might involve the tires of the vehicle going over the child. This could crush bones and damage internal organs. This could also be deadly, depending on the injuries the child suffers.

Another serious accident is if a person comes into the driveway with considerable speed. This could result in very serious, possibly fatal, injuries.

Determining who is liable for the accident is something that can be rather complicated. In many cases, you would turn to the driver of the vehicle for compensation. This might not be the case if the accident didn’t involve the driver moving the vehicle. For example, if a child gets into a vehicle and figures out how to get it to move.

If your child is injured in this type of accident, take the time to consider seeking compensation. If your claim is successful, you would end up being able to recover some of the money that you spent on medical care and other expenses related to the accident.