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Death By Workout Supplement

June 26, 2016

If you work out and stay in shape, it may be difficult to think of anything bad happening to your health. Unfortunately, bad things do happen, and even those health-conscious enough to supplement their workout should be aware of threats that reside in the fitness world.

Fitness, weight loss and bodybuilding are multi-billion dollar industries. In fact, whatever results you are looking for, there is a pill for it. While many of these dietary supplements are a no-no for professional athletes, the novice gym rat can get their hands on them relatively easy.

In recent years, the supplement dimethylamylamine has received some negative attention for its role in the death of a young soldier. In fact, this drug has been added to the World Anti-Doping Agency’s list of prohibited substances and has been banned in military stores in the U.S. for its potentially life-threatening side effects. These actions against the supplement came after a 22-year-old soldier went into cardiac arrest during a mandatory 10-minute run and later died. Parents of the young man believed that his use of a dimethylamylamine workout supplement was to blame for their son’s death.

Although this drug is now banned in the U.S., the pressure to produce results has supplement companies everywhere looking for the next big thing. In fact, while the additive dimethylamylamine is no longer used, there are plenty of others there to take its place. Over the last decade, health store retailers such as GNC have pulled several weight loss and bodybuilding supplements from their shelves, only to replace them with a reformulated or rebranded version of the same thing.

Like the family of the young soldier, individuals that have lost a loved one or suffered and injury as the result of work out, bodybuilding or weight loss supplements may be entitled to compensation. By working with an experienced attorney, negligent parties can be identified and held responsible.