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Crawford County Injury Lawyer At Meadville Balloon Festival

June 15, 2012

June 15, 2012, Meadville, PA — This is supposed to be our Meadville injury attorney blog.  And so, you could be forgiven for asking, “Isn’t this just a thinly disguised excuse for this guy to post pictures of his family?”  Um, yes.

Last night we enjoyed the Night Glow event of Meadville’s Thurston Classic Hot Air Balloon weekend at Allegheny’s Robertson Athletic Complex.  I’d never attended the Meadville event before and couldn’t believe I’d been missing it all this time.  Well attended and unexpectedly captivating, the show appeals to anyone who enjoys a pleasant summer evening around a campfire with strong ethereal elements.  In short, if you’ve got human DNA, you’ll like this show.

The entire weekend is free to the public and depends on voluntary contributions for support.  From what I could see as we walked in, most people were happy to support the cause.

The crowd was young and old.  Mostly families, there were still plenty of young couples who seemed largely unaware of the rest of us.  Kids were throwing balls, a band played on a far away stage.  A few people clicked away on their phones.

As daylight slipped off the horizon, the band finished up and our emcee, an esteemed Meadville injury attorney, started up the festivities as first one and then another hot air balloon fired the night.  Twinkle patterns, all glows and countdowns followed one after another.  It ended far too early.

Working our way out of the parking lot proved too much of a burden so we just hung outside and watched the rest of the crowd inch its way onto the street.  The night was too nice to finish in a traffic jam.

Thanks, Meadville and Thurston Classic organizers, for a magical evening.  We’ll be back to help you celebrate your 25th Anniversary next year!

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