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Crawford County Atv Crash Kills Woman

May 25, 2014

A woman was killed in a Crawford County, Pennsylvania ATV accident Friday.  The victim was a 20 year old woman from Union City who was a passenger on an ATV and was thrown from the vehicle in the accident.

The ATV was being operated on State Lot Road in Sparta Township, Pennsylvania when its operator failed to properly negotiate a left hand turn.  The vehicle apparently left the roadway, hit a grassy knoll and went airborne, causing the young woman to be thrown into several nearby rocks.  The operator of the vehicle was transported to Corry Memorial Hospital with moderate injuries.  The young woman was declared dead at the scene by the Crawford County coroner.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the young woman and her family during this difficult time.  We know that their thoughts now are dominated by grief.  We also know that in the future they will begin to wonder about the legal implications of the accident and in that regard the future is decidedly uncertain.

ATVs are often treated as mostly harmless toys by their owners but insurance companies know they are extremely hazardous vehicles.  As a result, many Pennsylvania insurance companies write their policies in a way that is intended to exclude coverage for accidents, injuries and wrongful deaths resulting from ATV use.  Whether or not the relevant insurance will be there to compensate this young woman’s family for their harms and losses will depend on multiple factors, including whether the ATV was registered for on-road use and the specific wording of the insurance policies for the owner and operator of the vehicle.