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Can I Sue For Damages Caused By The Contents Of A Semi Truck

July 18, 2016

Commercial carrier truck accidents happen every day. And with so many semi-trucks on the road carrying hazardous materials, it should come as no surprise that some injuries are caused by the contents of these commercial carriers. When injuries happen as the result of a semi-truck accident, it is typically the carrier company’s responsibility to compensate those injured. However, occasionally the owner of the trucks contents can be held responsible as well.

Occasionally, a commercial carrier’s cargo, if hazardous, can produce serious injuries in the event of an accident. Generally speaking, this type of cargo would most likely be some type of hazardous chemical. When this happens, it is possible for those injured to seek compensation from the chemical company as well as the commercial carrier. In order to do so, the injured party would have to prove that their injuries were caused by the hazardous material and that the accident was the result of the commercial carrier’s negligence.

Injured individuals may also be able to receive compensation from the owner or manufacturer of the hazardous material if they failed to inform the driver or the commercial carrier that their cargo was hazardous. The owner or manufacturer of the chemical cargo has a duty to inform the commercial carrier and its driver of the risks associated with transporting the cargo. If the owner or manufacturer failed to do so, those injured by the hazardous chemicals may be able to sue the owner or manufacturer.

If you have been injured by hazardous materials after a commercial carrier accident, you may benefit by working with an experienced personal injury attorney. With their help, you may be able to seek compensation from the hazardous materials company as well as the commercial carrier.