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Best Erie Lawyers How To Pick A Pennsylvania Attorney

April 10, 2012

April 10, 2012, Erie, PA — One of our goals in publishing this site is to provide meaningful information to people searching for the best Pennsylvania lawyer for them and their case as well as tips for how to avoid picking the wrong one, like, “If a lawyer telephones you first, RUN.” 

Of course, we’re not completely selfless.  We’re also marketing ourselves to you, our faithful readers.  And so it is that I occasionally find myself studying various internet marketing materials in order to increase the effectiveness of our Pennsylvania injury law site.  One such study led me to buy the domain name, “BestErieLawyers.com” and to think about some of the problems associated with such domain names.

Can we all agree that paying a few bucks to buy a domain name like, “BestPennsylvaniaAttorneys.com” doesn’t make someone the best Pennsylvania attorney any more than does buying the domain name, “TallHandsomeAthleticMan.com” make me a tall, handsome and athletic man?  Sure, as far as you know, I am exactly what my domain name implies (ah, the magic of the internet) but the knowledge you have of my domain name is equally consistent with me being short (ahem), homely and inept.  The point?  Domain names and searches for terms like, “Best Pennsylvania Injury Lawyer” do little to help you find the best attorney for you and your case.

Am I suggesting that you should give up on the internet as a useful tool for researching Pennsylvania injury lawyers?  Absolutely not!  We put a lot of effort into our site precisely because we think the internet is perhaps the best way of reaching people who want to make an informed decision about the best attorney for their case.  Still, finding someone with a domain name like, “BestErieAttorney.com” won’t do much for you other than to tell you that this is a lawyer who’s either read a thing or two about internet marketing or has paid a consultant to do this sort of thing for him.

Our recommendation is to treat domain names like you would a big, colorful ad in the phone book or a TV commercial.  It’s a good way of getting names of lawyers who take cases like yours.  It’s not a bad place to start.  You’ve still got a lot of homework to do, though, before you make a final decision about the best attorney for your case.

Purchase, George & Murphey, P.C. Can Help You Find the Right Lawyer for You and Your Case

One of things we commit to at Purchase, George & Murphey, P.C. is helping our friends and clients get the best possible legal representation, even if the case isn’t right for us. We’ll connect you with an attorney who will give you the service your deserve. So, if you go to “BestErieLawyers.com” and find that your case isn’t in one of our practice areas, call us anyhow.  We’ll make sure you get names of responsible and capable local lawyers.

Of course, if you have a Pennsylvania injury, wrongful death or medical malpractice case, we’ll be glad to give you a free, no-strings attached consult with one of our experienced Erie injury lawyers. Call us today and we’ll schedule a conference at your convenience. If your injuries keep you from traveling, let us know and we’ll come to you. Call 814-273-2010 or toll free 814-273-2010.