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Be Careful What You Say at the Scene of Your Car Accident

May 29, 2019

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When you experience a car accident, it can definitely shake you up and put you in a state of mind that isn’t clear and healthy. In fear or panic, we often fly off the handle with emotion and say the first things that come to our mind. It is important, however that you be careful what you say at the scene of your car accident. Words and testimony are incredibly valuable in a car accident case, and what you say could be used against you to turn the tides when considering negligence or your compensation amount.

Your Words Could Hurt Your Case

In a car accident case, the person who has to cover the costs incurred from the accident is usually the one who is at most fault for the accident. If you are even partially to fault, you should limit the words you say to anyone besides your attorney. Saying, “Sorry I didn’t see you,” for instance, could mean many different things. It could mean you weren’t paying attention and at fault. It could mean they ran a red light or didn’t have their headlights on in the dark. This could be used as evidence to point the fault at you. The best policy at the accident is to keep your words to a minimum and choose them carefully.

Your Words Could Be Inaccurate

Just because you were at the accident doesn’t mean you know everything about what occurred. There are certain factors that may have only been noticeable by the negligent party or by a witness. There may be issues with the road or with someone’s vehicle that caused the accident that you would not be aware of without a proper police investigation or car inspection. If you were very tired or not fully paying attention, you may also misinterpret a situation. Be sure to think clearly. If you think you caused it, it is possible you are wrong. But saying you did could seal the deal and make you lose the case.

Your Words Could be Confused or Misunderstood in Court

When you are tired or panicked from experiencing the accident, you may not be thinking or speaking clearly. You may say something like, “I am so sorry this happened,” and this could be twisted in court to point to possible guilt and thus possible fault for the accident itself. You may also just be shaken up and try to explain something to the other driver or cop about what happened and word things poorly, which could be interpreted in many different ways in court and by the people reviewing your case. Be careful what you say and how you say it and who you say it to.

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