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Attention Motocyclists Help Prevent Coverage Tragedies

November 28, 2016

Most Pennsylvania auto insurance companies structure their policies so as to force motorcyclists to insure their motorcycles separately from their other vehicles. This often results in low or limited coverage and causes what we call “insurance coverage tragedies.”

An insurance coverage tragedy results when the harms and losses caused by an accident exceed all available insurance coverage. This often leaves a seriously injured motorcyclist (or in the event of a wrongful death, his widow and children) with no ability to pay all of their medical bills (or satisfy the medical liens). The problem or “tragedy” is made even worse when the at-fault driver has minimum insurance or no insurance at all.

You can do something to protect yourself and your family. Stop buying minimal coverage for your auto insurance. Get a one million dollar policy today!

This may sound impossible to some people, especially when you hear that you need only four times the minimum coverage (which is in fact often woefully inadequate when a motorcyclist is injured).

The good news is that for a relatively low price, motorcyclists can avoid becoming victims of insurance coverage tragedies. Buy the maximum amount of uninsured/underinsured (UM/UIM) benefits. Depending upon your driving record, an increase in your auto policy from $100,000 to $1,000,000 will raise your yearly rate by only a few hundred dollars.

So, get the protection you and your family needs. Call your auto insurance agent today and add UM/UIM benefits to your policy. For more information about underinsurance and how to prevent coverage tragedies download our free book, The Road to Justice: The Ultimate Guide to Car Accident Cases in Pennsylvania at www.PurchaseGeorge.com or call for a free review of your auto insurance policy at 833-7100.