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April Observance Reminds Motorists Of Distracted Driving Dangers

April 10, 2015

Pennsylvania motorists are likely well aware of the hazards caused by drivers who use mobile devices while behind the wheel. Yet cell phones and other such devices are not the only things that can create dangerous distractions for drivers. In order to avoid being involved in automobile accidents, drivers should set aside anything that takes their attention away from the road until safely stopping their vehicles.

April has been designated National Distracted Driving Awareness Month. But while this year’s observance spotlights the risks created by texting while driving, it is important to recognize other forms of distraction as well. In fact, a coordinator of South Central Pennsylvania Highway Safety says that any activity that causes a driver to lose focus on the road constitutes a distraction.

Such distractions can include applying makeup, eating, smoking, drinking, searching for items in the vehicle and tuning the radio. And while it is quite common for people to engage in these actions, they can pose serious safety threats. A mere moment?s inattentiveness on behalf of a driver can lead to a serious accident.

Victims of car accidents can end up facing many difficult challenges. They may suffer catastrophic injuries that require hospitalization and long-term care. As they recuperate, they may be unable to work, thus losing their income during time.

If you are ever in an accident that may have been caused by a distracted driver, you may find that a Pennsylvania personal injury attorney could be of service to your needs. The attorney could investigate the accident to help determine its cause. Following this, the attorney could also represent your interests in getting compensation for medical expenses and damages.