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An Airbag For Your Head

September 26, 2016

A Swedish company released a new piece of safety equipment this year that it claims will revolutionize safety and impact prevention technology. The Hovding, a new type of helmet, automatically inflates when it detects an impact and surrounds the head absorbing impact and preventing head and neck injuries. You probably saw several commercials and YouTube videos of people experimenting with the helmet.

The company claims that the Hovding is safer than a traditional helmet because it absorbs the impact of the crash and deflects it away from the head and neck. The company released a study of the helmet’s effectiveness in several impact tests. The company claims that traditional helmets in these tests could still result in a severe injury 90 percent of the time and a fatal injury 30 percent of the time. Conversely, the Hovding reduced that risk to only 2 percent.

This helmet is not rated for any use of bicycles, but it is foreseeable that this technology could be installed for car, truck, motorcycle, and even flying accidents. The company claims that the helmet completely inflates in 1/10 of a second ensuring that it completely protects the neck and head in time.

If you were injured in an accident, then you may want to speak to an attorney because you could have a viable claim for damages. While this technology does appear to be a step in the right direction of eliminating accident-related injuries, that is still a dream, not a reality. Even if you do not believe your injuries were severe, it is important to see a doctor and confirm. Brain and neck injuries are notorious for manifesting days or weeks after an accident. If this occurred to you, a lawyer could help you get the compensation you need to ensure that you can pay your medical bills.