Aggressive Erie Injury Lawyer Isnt There More To It

February 27, 2011, Daytona Beach, FL – Yes, I’m on vacation. And yes, it’s a little pathetic that I’m writing for the website while sun and surf await. But it is what it is, you know?

Today’s topic is aggressive lawyers. In a new article posted in our library, you can find a more complete review of aggressive personal injury lawyers in Pennsylvania. In summary, however, I take issue with the aggressive lawyer myth (you know, the one that says that the best lawyer for your case is the most aggressive lawyer you can find) even though I am frequently characterized as one of the more aggressive Erie injury lawyers. Essentially, I recognize that aggression can be a necessary tactic in a Pennsylvania injury lawyer’s bag of tricks but I think it is over-used and over-valued.

As I was looking for information for the article, I googled the phrase “aggression defined.” The definitions I found were less interesting than the fact that a number of the search results included google advertising for, you guessed it, lawyers. Our profession has so associated itself with a term that is synonymous with intentional harm that we now pop up on advertising associated with the word.

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