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Advocates Fight Increase Of Truck Driver Work Hours

October 31, 2014

In the United States, we take great pride in our work ethic. To this end, it is common for many Americans to get in as many hours as possible within the workweek. Generally, we laud those who are willing to put such effort into their jobs. However, truck safety advocates are citing a new poll that indicates many people in this country would prefer that truck drivers not work longer hours.

The safety advocates say that according to the survey, 80 percent of those who were polled would not feel as safe while on the road if tractor-trailer drivers were granted the right to drive for longer time periods.

The results of the poll are being used by the advocates as a response to an amendment proposed for the Senate appropriations bill. The amendment calls for the limit that drivers can work per week to be raised from 70 to 82 hours. The advocates are very much in opposition to this proposal.

One state senator cites the accident that nearly took the life of entertainer Tracy Morgan as raising awareness of the issue of fatigued truck drivers. The senator hopes to halt the practice of truck companies pressuring drivers to get on the road while fatigued.

But think for a moment about the proposed amendment. Truck drivers have a very demanding job. To be behind the wheel for 70 hours in a week, while mostly living on the road, would likely exhaust most of us. Eighty-two hours represents over two full-time work weeks.

As it stands, many truck drivers are out on the highways and roads in a state of fatigue or drowsiness with the 70 hour limit in place. This state of tiredness puts the truckers, and all whom they share the road with, at great risk. It takes only a moment’s nodding off to produce a tragedy.

Truck accidents can cause serious injuries and tremendous damage. If you are ever in an accident caused by a truck driver that may have been fatigued, you might consider getting in touch with a truck accident attorney. The attorney could investigate your case and may be able to help you receive recompense.

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