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A Plastic Surgeons Duty Of Care And The Potentially Fatal Risks

November 29, 2016

No one expects their loved one to die from cosmetic surgeries. “Going under the knife” is always serious but cosmetic surgeries are not supposed to be dangerous. This post will go over how cosmetic surgeries that sometimes result in death and how you and your family may recover compensation for the loss of your loved one.

Cosmetic surgeries carry many of the same risks as other surgeries such as:

  • Infection;
  • Anesthesia issues;
  • Nerve damage; and
  • Teratomas and hematomas.

Complications with any one of these issues are potentially fatal, and cosmetic surgeries can result in all of them. There are tens of million of cosmetic surgeries a year; it is entirely reasonable to expect that mistakes will occur in some of them and those mistakes can and do result in death.

If you suffered an injury or lost a loved one due to one of these errors, you may be able to sue for a recovery. Plastic surgeons owe a duty of care to their patients just like any other doctor. In fact, plastic surgeons have held the same standard as other plastic surgeons, which is an enhanced specialty and concomitant duty of care.

Wrongful death suits are complicated and challenging to win. Furthermore, medical malpractice suits have their set of complicated procedures. But that does not mean you should not try. A lawyer can go over the factors that you need to win your case and the evidence you will need to get compensation. You don’t want to try and litigate these cases on your own, many of the legal requirements are not necessarily clear.