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9 Injuries And 6 Vehicles In Erie Bayfront Car Crash

June 21, 2013

Authorities are reporting an Erie car accident involving 6 vehicles and 9 reported injuries that occurred on the Bayfront Parkway yesterday evening near 5:30 p.m.  Details of the Pennsylvania auto collision are still being developed but it appears the accident began with a high speed collision in the southbound lane of the Parkway near its intersection with East 6th Street.

Nine people were taken from the scene by three Emergycare ambulances to Erie area hospitals.  The severity of their injuries was unknown.

A man wearing a white t-shirt, believed to be the driver of a maroon Honda with heavy front-end damage, was seen in handcuffs.  He was taken from the scene of the Erie car crash and is being investigated for driving while under the influence.  It is believed that the man may have been the initial cause of the multi-vehicle Pennsylvania car crash.

The force of the crash was significant, based upon physical evidence at the scene.  Aside from the heavy front end damage to the red Honda, several other vehicles also suffered significant damage in the Erie car accident, including a white Chevrolet Silverado which was knocked on its side and its occupants briefly were trapped before being freed by rescue workers. 

According to an Erie Times News report, one witness to the crash, who did not report injuries but whose car was struck by debris, reported that she was waiting at the intersection of East Sixth Street and the Bayfront to make a turn when the accident happened behind her.  She sid, “It sounded like an explosion and then I saw things flying in my rear-view mirror.” 

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