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4 Steps Involved in a Personal Injury Lawsuit

February 24, 2020


Are you considering seeking out a personal injury lawsuit? If so, then you’re likely wondering what all is involved in the process. Below, we’ll discuss the main four steps you’ll need to take to collect the compensation you deserve after your accident.

Step One: Analyzing your Losses

Following your injury, you’re likely to suffer a number of losses. From medical bills to an inability to return to work right away, the losses will start to stack up quickly. Your first step in pursuing a personal injury lawsuit against the responsible party is to analyze your losses.

Start collecting all your bills, property damage estimates and work documentation. Consider any other losses you suffered as a result of your accident, too. If you’ve been unable to care for your children or you’ve had to go to therapy, then you’ll want to add those losses to your personal injury claim.

Step Two: Hiring Representation and Filing Your Claim

Once you’ve analyzed your losses, you should have a better idea of why seeking out a claim is the right option. If you don’t file a personal injury claim, then you’ll be on the hook for paying every loss you’ve endured. A lawsuit will help shift those costs to the responsible party.

Next, you want to hire a legal representative to help you start the process. Together, you and your attorney will go over details related to the accident and injury. Then, your attorney will file the necessary paperwork to initiate your lawsuit. The court will then notify the other party about the pending lawsuit. That’s when the next phase of your lawsuit will begin.

Step Three: Negotiations and Pre-Trial Litigation

Next, both parties will share their evidence and information. During this discovery period, you’ll want to share everything you collected in step one. This phase is the longest step.

Step Four: Settlements

In the majority of personal injury claims, a settlement will be reached around the negotiation period. Sometimes, you’ll have to take your argument to court. Either way, the final phase of your claim will involve a settlement of some sort. Either the court will rule that you need to bear the costs of the injury, or they’ll order the responsible party to pay you. An experienced personal injury attorney will fight aggressively for your right to be compensated for the injuries you suffered.

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