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What Others Say About Us

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What Others Say About Us

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Excellent Lawyer!

I was very fortunate to have Eric Purchase recommended to me.When he took my case, he made sure I was informed every step of the way. Eric and Mark Harrington went above and beyond to return my calls in a prompt manner, treat me with the utmost respect, and worked hard to get the best results for my case. If you need a lawyer, hire the best………………………. Eric Purchase. I did and results prove it!

Kathleen, April 22, 2016

Excellent Outcome

Eric, that case you were going to try for us settled when the insurance company found out you were going to be the lawyer at trial. I told them our bottom line and if they did not pay it, all demands were off the table and I would refer the case to Eric Purchase for trial.The next day they met our demand and the case was settled.

Thanks for allowing me to use your name to increase the value of the case. Plus, I was only telling the truth. I truly believe that when they see your name on a case, they take that into serious consideration.

Attorney Mark Prenatt, Erie, Pennsylvania

Outcome Beyond Expectations

Attorney George was recommended by another prominent local attorney. Upon meeting with Attorney George, I found great relief in the confidence he showed in what he believed would be a positive outcome. He promptly took the case and made me aware of what needed to be done by myself and what he anticipated he would be able to accomplish toward a favorable judgement. Any questions I

had were quickly handled by him and his staff. I would recommend him to assist anyone for their legal needs.You will not be disappointed.

Client, October 28, 2016

Outstanding Lawyer

Eric is a well known personal injury attorney throughout Pennsylvania and across the country. He is an innovator who combines skill, knowledge, and business savvy to produce excellent results for his clients.

Attorney Michael Saile, Langhorne, Pennsylvania

Compassionate & Honest

My mother was involved in a bad car accident when a young man in a fast car hit her. He didn’t have very much insurance but his insurance company kept trying to get us to settle for less than the full amount of coverage.We weren’t sure what to do but a friend told us we should talk to Atty. Purchase.

Eric Purchase met with us and took the time to listen to our whole story and review our papers and then he mapped out a plan for us to get the case settled on our own! He told us he’d help us if it didn’t work out but he was convinced that the insurance company would pay us the full amount without an attorney and that we shouldn’t have to pay a fee.

I couldn’t believe all the time he spent with us trying to make sure we understood what to do and then didn’t try to collect a fee from us. As it turned out, he was exactly right. We did what he told us to do and the insurance company finally caved in and paid the full amount of their policy limits.

I think a lot of lawyers might have tried to get us to sign an agreement just so they could collect a percentage of the money. I’ve told my friends and family that if they want an honest lawyer who really cares about them they should go see Eric Purchase. He obviously understands these insurance companies and he really wants to help people.

Irene H., Auto accident victim

A Positive Experience with Purchase & George

In January of 2007, I was in a car accident and sustained an injury that will cause me pain for the rest of my life. Never being in an accident before, I had so many questions about what I should do.

The insurance company of the person that hit me wanted me to sign off and settle for a ridiculously small amount of money. I really didn’t know where to go or who to turn to. A friend recommended I contact Attorney Tim George.

From the minute I entered Attorney George’s office, I felt a sense of relief. He and his staff made me so comfortable and answered every question I asked. I felt that they genuinely cared about me and that they truly wanted to help.

While Attorney George was working on my case, he received a call to duty, to serve our country in Iraq.That is when Attorney Eric Purchase stepped in to take over my case. The transition to another Attorney was seamless.

Both Attorney George and Purchase made sure that all the information on my case was shared and everything continued smoothly. It was obvious that they work very well together, so it makes perfect sense that they have decided to become partners.

While it took months for my case to be resolved, I always knew that they were working continuously to get me the settlement I deserved.

The experience I had with both Attorneys Tim George and Eric Purchase was such a positive one, that I would encourage anyone injured in an accident to call their office right away.They will explain everything to you in words you will understand along with providing you with the personal and legal support you need.

Tonya C., motor vehicle accident case

Determined to Succeed

Eric has represented me on a personal matter a well as a business related matter. Each time, I was given first class attention to each and every question I had. Eric takes a hands on approach to his clients and will fight to insure your legal rights are protected.

Additionally, his ability to understand the perspectives of all parties involved, gives him an opportunity to understand how to position your case to best suit the situation. His legal knowledge is second to none.

I would strongly recommend Eric for any legal issues you may encounter.

Jim S., Car Accident Claim

Trusted & Provides Well Thought-Out Direction

Eric is very conscientious and knowledgeable. He continually provides steady and logical direction Appreciate his frequent and timely updates (which is rare from many others). Utmost confidence in his judgment and recommendations.

Mike B., Civil Litigation

Excellent Lawyer

I hired Tim George after my first DUI charge. It was my first time so I had no idea what to do or how the process worked. He immediately put me on the right track to handling the DUI. I can honestly say that he wanted to handle the case and do what was best for me.We decided to fight the case and Tim worked extremely hard for me. He answered all my calls in a prompt manner and kept me well informed through out the trial process. I would recommend Tim to anyone who gets a DUI. He is not just a lawyer but someone that actually fights and care about the lives of his clients.

Tyler, July 4, 2016

Eric Purchase

Eric is not only a very qualified attorney, he is also very understanding. He makes you feel like you are his only client. Having Eric as my attorney made me just know that my case was going to get resolved in the best manner that it could have.

Michelle P., Slip and Fall Injury

Well Worth It

Lawyers aren’t cheap, but I got more than I paid for.Tim was most instrumental in rectifying a bad situation. Excellent lawyer, very competent and knowledgeable.

G.S., July 2015

Highly Recommend

Mr. George is a true professional, throughout the entire process. Mr. George communicated information and updates of the case as soon as they were available. Mr. George never stopped fighting for me even when things looked doubtful, in the end all of his hard work and determination paid off as he was able to achieve the outcome we had wanted. I would recommend Mr. George to anyone that needs a true professional that gets the job done.

Client, December 8, 2016

Trusted & Proven Counsel

Attorney Purchase has provided legal counsel to my company regarding several matters over the past few months. His efforts consistently confirm our trust and confidence in his abilities and realistic approach. My overall satisfaction is such that I highly recommend Mr. Purchase to those seeking excellence in legal counsel.

Darrell Review

I would highly recommend Darrell to anyone looking for a compassionate, caring attorney who looks after all aspects of your case. He met with my husband and I several times to get background information and then developed a plan that we all agreed to helping solidify the case involving our son.We got good results because of the attention to detail that Darrell displayed.

Karen, March 3, 2016

A great guide through a troubled time

Eric Purchase was the perfect lawyer for our needs. He has a genuine interest in helping you receive a fair and favorable

outcome to your case. He is conservative and not pushy, which my wife and I really appreciated, but could be stern when needed dealing with insurance companies.We trusted Eric completely

to do what was right, not just for our benefit, but as a moral person and he never let us down. His communications with us were always very good. He always explained what was going on with the case in layman’s terms so we could understand. Also his staff is top notch too, very professional and friendly.The office is always easy to get in touch with and they will return your calls or emails promptly. All in all, a wonderful experience

Car Accident Settlement

I was involved in a car accident where the other driver rear-ended my vehicle. His insurance company did not want to provide adequate compensation for my vehicle and personal injuries. Attorney Purchase came highly recommended to me by people I

personally respect and trust. I have had my share of poor lawyers, accountants, and other professionals, so I KNOW what GREAT is, and I now take time to seek the best out.

From the start, I realized what an intelligent and caring person Attorney Purchase was. I felt he was really on my side. I wasn’t just another case number to crank through the system. He wasn’t flamboyant nor condescending. He was there to help me.

He took the time to gather all the information and was extremely well organized and prepared. He remembered what I told him. He contacted me frequently, told me what to expect next, and kept me calm throughout the process. He didn’t let the insurance companies intimidate me.

In the past, I had an experience where my lawyer showed up to represent me and appeared like he hadn’t even reviewed my information. I had prepared more information than he did! Not Mr. Purchase. He overcame the insurance company

lawyers with his knowledge and facts. His confidence and integrity made me feel relaxed and proud to be associated with him.

In the end, he won a much larger settlement for me, which I feel was deserved. I’m not the greedy type, but just wanted to make sure my substantial medical bills would be covered into the future.

You can use Mr. Purchase with confidence. He will NOT let you down. He won’t take the path of least resistance. He WILL represent you and get the results you deserve. I say this because I have never met a lawyer quite like him.

Unbelievable Service

I want to thank you for all you have done for me regarding my case. I am extremely pleased by the way you handled the entire ordeal.When [my husband] and I first met with you, I was impressed on the way you handled yourself. You made it very clear that cases like these usually take time and that you clearly would do all you could.You showed respect, understanding and compassion.

Any questions or concerns that I had were always taken care of immediately and always with a strong sense of caring. All this was done during the entire time you were working on this case.

I would strongly, and have done so already, recommend you and your firm to anyone in need of your type of legal matters. Had this case gone to a jury trial, I have no doubt you would have fought hard but yet handled yourself in a very respectful manner.

I so much appreciate all your efforts and your strong sense of caring.

Your office staff could not come across any nicer than they did. Kim and especially Jackie should all be commended for their great services. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I think of Jackie.Through this case and some personal problems, she has always gone above and beyond for me. She is an ace for Purchase & George.

I was also impressed by you and Jackie regarding your medical knowledge. If ever needed, I would be happy to speak with any future clients regarding your firm…

I am almost sad, to some degree, that my case is closed. My finances look better, but I will miss dealing with you and Jackie. Hang on to her, she represents Purchase & George really well!!

So to you, your family and staff, Merry Christmas and the best in 2012.

Barb A., Erie, PA, Car accident victim

Excellent Settlement

They are very professional and friendly.They remain on task.They kept to time frames. Every time they told me something would happen, it did.They got me an excellent settlement. It turned out a million times better than I thought it could.

Awesome Attorney

Tim handled every emotion I had and every question I asked to the point that I thought I was talking to a dear friend. His attitude was positive but realistic.The Judge respected him and listened to his every word. He is not a good Attorney, he is an exceptional Attorney.Thanks Tim for making such a horrible situation tolerable and truly caring. Our outcome was wonderful. I know you will change a lot of lives for the better.Thank You.

Sandy, July 19, 2016

Superb Service

Jackie is an absolute asset to your practice. She is not only thorough and attentive. Her outgoing and warm personality makes dealing with a stressful process much nicer. She is wonderful.

T. Carpenter, Motor vehicle accident case

Tim George is a Life Saver!

Tim George and his staff are very kind a generous.They guide you along the way both on a personal and professional level. I had made a really poor decision which could have costed me my job and much more heartache and pain for myself and that of my family. I desired a specific outcome in order to prevent harm to my job, my family, as well as my credibility.The desired outcome was a dream come true because Attorney George fought for my rights and freedom and did not give up on me! Not only was Tim and

outstanding lawyer, but he truly took the time to calm my stress levels down. When I hit a very low moment in my life due to the excessive panic and worry, he lifted my spirits and hope back up. I cannot say enough about Tim and his awesome staff! There are not enough words to thank him enough!

I know that I will never make this mistake again, but if you or anyone else are in need of a lawyer, please call Tim you will not regret it! He is worth every cent and every ounce of your time if you are in need of legal advice! Kudos to Tim!!

Jacob, August 24, 2016

Thank You!

Thank you for the continual, excellent work you do on behalf of the clients I refer to you. I realize my reputation in the community is my most important asset.

Furthermore, I recognize that when I make a referral, the client associates my name, at least in part, to the work that is done. Therefore, I wish to thank you for the excellent work.

It is with great confidence that I continue to refer clients to you. An Erie County lawyer who refers injury cases to Purchase & George and who wishes to remain anonymous “..so that fellow colleagues of mine are not offended that I am not sending them the cases…”

Attorney Tim George saved my family a great deal of heartache.

A first time DUI offender in Pennsylvania will usually be accepted into the ARD Program. However, my previous criminal record from over ten years ago made ARD an impossibility. Full prosecution for a DUI can lead to jail time, and it was guaranteed that I would lose my license for at least a year. I need to drive for work so the loss of income would have decimated my family.

Mr. George did not make any promises, but he demonstrated a genuine concern for the situation I had gotten myself into. His ability to effectively communicate my situation to law enforcement and the prosecution made my very slim chance of being accepted into ARD a reality. Instead of possible jail time and a 1 year suspension I received 7 months of supervision and a 30 day suspension.

Driving while intoxicated may be the dumbest decision I have ever made, but deciding to hire Tim George was the most intelligent thing I did to rectify my mistake. I spoke to a number of less expensive attorneys before deciding, and I truly believe that paying a slightly higher retainer fee initially saved me a great deal of money in the end.The attention that Mr. George gave to my case was above and beyond what I have seen from any other attorney.

Client, July 14, 2016

Purchase & George are the Best!

The Purchase & George, P.C. office staff always treated me with kindness and concern for me and always informed me of any information needed for my case. I would refer them to anyone!

R.B. (client), December 2012

A Trustworthy Firm!

I was on the outside looking in. My wife filed a PFA on me. I had no home [and] no where to go. I could not even see my kids. I was recommended by another attorney to see Tim George.The court hearing was in 6 days so I met with Tim. He reviewed my case and said we had a chance to win this. I was having a difficult time dealing with everything but Tim was there to calm me down. He once said,“I feel your frustrations. I know this is very difficult for you!” I told him you cant imagine how hard it is, after 23 years, to be able to go home! Tim assured me that he would do his best in getting me back home.

I was impressed at how fast he prepared for the hearing. On court day,Tim showed up full of energy and said he was ready.This made me feel very confident, heading into the court room. Needless to say, two hearings later I am still battling this PFA; but since then,Tim has worked very hard in getting me supervised visits with my boys. For this reason, I am in debt to Mr. George for what he has accomplished. He has been there for me! Tim would call me on off hours and weekends to talk about the case. He goes above and beyond the call of duty. I am very confident in the future that when my case goes back to court I am in good hands.

I would highly recommend Tim George but lets not leave out his support staff! They made my case much easier.They always returned my calls and emails.They were even there to listen to me when I needed someone to talk to during this very troublesome time. A very trustworthy and understanding firm.Thanks Mr. George and your staff!

B.W. (client), August 24, 2014

The Very Best Criminal Attorney

If you are reading reviews (in this book), you are likely in need of a criminal attorney to defend your rights.The very best advise I can give you is to stop reading, call the law firm of Purchase & George, and speak to the staff there about the possibility of Tim George representing you. I am confident that you could not be in better hands if you do.

Just a few weeks ago, my husband and I had our lives turned upside down when he received a call from an Erie City detective informing him that he had been accused of a very serious crime, and that they needed him to come in and straighten it out. He obviously knew that he did not do what he was accused of, and everyone who knows him found the possibility absurd. A review of his schedule further showed that he was not even in Pennsylvania during the time frame, so we initially thought that a visit to the detective would clear the entire matter up. However, upon discovering who the accuser was, learning

a bit about her history, her position as an interloper in our lives, and just letting the severity of the situation sink in led me to decide that I wanted to talk to an attorney, and hopefully convince my husband to do likewise before he walked into the police station.

I obtained a few referrals, did some research, and placed a call to Purchase & George. I am so glad that I did! From my initial conversation with Lisa, who, upon hearing the very basics of our situation, transferred me to Angelina, a paralegal who works closely with Mr. George on criminal cases, to Tim himself, I knew that I was dealing with consummate professionals.

Tim told me to email him every pertinent detail that we knew or could think of regarding the case, and we scheduled a phone conference for the next day with my husband. Prior to the call, he read every bit of the several lengthy emails that I sent him, and had an excellent handle on the situation.

We set goals and went to work. Before the case was resolved it became even more complicated, but Tim and his team managed to stay on top of every turn, and the resolution exceeded our goals.

Not only was there no arrest or charges filed,Tim masterfully demonstrated the untruthfulness of the accuser on the record during a related hearing, and the investigation is officially closed much sooner than we had hoped it would be.

One of the things most worth noting about the staff at Purchase and George is the kindness, respect and professionalism with which they treat everyone they come in contact with. During our early

communications they could not have known whether my husband did what he was accused of, but it made no difference in the way we were treated. It occurred to me several times through the process that these are people who regularly come into contact with others at a low and frightening time in their lives, and they are masterful in the way they help to navigate you through it.

Although we were obviously not their only clients, the manner

in which they communicated with us made it seem as if we were. Questions that I asked in emails were always answered quickly, and sometimes even immediately.Tim is an excellent communicator, and observed that he often learns important information during the

conversations he initiates. He will manage to make you feel as if you are talking with a trusted friend. At one point something occurred that shook me up quite a bit, so I placed a call to the office. Lisa told me that Tim was not available but would connect me with Angelina. However, it was Tim who picked up the phone, and he immediately went to work on the new development. Every aspect of the service that Tim and his team provides exceeded expectations.

It is my sincere hope and intention to never have to traverse the criminal justice system again, but if I did, my only call would be to Tim George.

A.J. (client’s wife), December 12, 2015

Thank You, Mr. George

In the past year I have had to deal with two very serious cases that have greatly impacted my life. I sought out Mr. George for both of those cases. After getting all charges dismissed in my first case, I knew that I would need his help the second time around. I am also pleased with the outcome of my second case. He and his team were very polite, informative, caring and patient. In fact, EXTREMELY patient with not only me but also my family.They, of course, were there to answer every question thoroughly. I thank Tim George and his team for being a big help through full of concern and many questions and Mr. George took the time to explain each process during this unfortunate chapter in my life.

M.F. (client), August 9, 2014

If You are in Need… You Need Tim George

To say the least, I was very nervous about the outcome.Tim George took control of the situation and asked me point blank questions about what happened from my perspective. From

the first day I visited his office, he and his staff exhibited a professional demeanor.

Tim George had me in and out of the district justice’s office within 30 minutes and my life is now back to normal without a black cloud handing over my head. Could I have done this on my own? Absolutely not.

At a time in need,Tim George came through for me. I would highly recommend Tim George!

R.W. (client), September 30, 2014

Deepest Gratitude

Recently Tim George was my lawyer in a court case with the Erie County Court system. I would like to express my deepest gratitude for how he valued me as a client during the preliminary work done and also during the trial. I really felt like I had a voice with Tim being my attorney and that I was well represented during this very stressful stage of my life.

Thankfully the outcome of the trial was to my benefit; though, with how Tim acted with my best interest I do not think it could have gone any other way. I would highly recommend Tim George as an attorney to anyone facing a difficult legal situation. His highly professional attitude and caring responses to the client are truly valued.

W.H. (client), December 15, 2015

The Best Choice

Purchase & George, P.C. was very helpful… not just Mr. George, but also his fellow co- workers and secretary. Everyone was very respectful and did not judge me from my past.

J.F. (client), January 2013

Excellent Service

Are you looking for a professional, proactive, and caring lawyer? You will find just that in Tim George! He always returned my calls in a timely manner. He responded to

our first email in less than an hour. He prepared us well for every meeting, telling us how to act, what to do and not do. He kept us informed of what was happening as the case progressed. He pays attention to detail. He was proactive, gathering information and witnesses about our case before the hearing. He was well prepared for court.

He presented our case in a professional, convincing, no nonsense way. He used his opportunities to speak well. His staff was professional, friendly, and always helpful.We would highly recommend Tim George!

Client, June 23, 2016

Thank You.

I hope life is treating you well.This letter is a long time in coming as I did promise you one. So I take this time to thank you for all the work you and your staff did helping in the release of my son M.S. from Erie County Correctional.The release was not why I write you, it was the effort and professional manner by which you secured his release. You went above and beyond in preparing for the case.Your Paralegal Kim Ball helped to babysit me through the difficult moments, while you helped me to better realize the imperative of being patient.

You impressed me with your preparation and positive presence. Not only did you do the impossible and get the DUI dismissed for M.S. you reestablished the high professional regard, I once had for your profession, that I’d lost. It is always easier to say this when

a client feels a positive outcome occurred.Yet, you did more than was expected of you to secure another chance for M.S.

In writing the Judge, I meant what I said that being in prison saved M.S.’s life. I was correct and give you,Tim, the accolade for your persistent and sometime corrective measures of my often, narrow-mindedness. I want to convey that M.S. has turned a corner. M.S. has acquired a great job with [redacted] and will be evaluated for the two year continued program with them to acquire his papers as a Journeyman Welder. I know I was quite persistent during my many calls-yet, that is who I am. I don’t ever foresee M.S. in trouble again, however, I know not to say never.

I thank you from the depths of my heart for your wonderful service. May you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

J.I. (client), September 18, 2014

Professional, Excellent Communication & Will get the Job Done

Firstly, I would like to comment on Mr. Kuntz communication. You receive a response to your email or a return call from their office in very little time with the required answer. My first conversation with him was over a weekend and Darrell was very patient in listening to my case (inappropriately charged) and set-up an appointment within 48 hours for a detailed discussion. On the “REAL DAY” he was very well prepared and organized to answer all the questions by the Judge.

All in all a good “Attorney”.

A.K., June 30, 2015

Experienced, Knowledgeable, & Respected DUI Lawyer in Erie County PA

In 2013 I was arrested for DUI, and was facing multiple charges.Things didn’t look good, and I knew I needed a knowledgeable, well respected lawyer in Erie County PA to help me navigate the legal mess I was in. I had contacted several lawyers in that area, most, it seemed didn’t really care, just threw a fee for defense at me. NONE of the DUI defense lawyers gave me the information and guidance that Mr. George and his staff did.

Mr. George was able to get all but two of the charges I was facing dismissed :). During the whole process, I must say that Mr. George and his staff treated me with respect, and kindness. Mr. George was able (I had the highest BAC level) to get me into the ARD program, and when I complete this, he will ensure that I get this whole mess expunged. THANKYOU MR. GEORGE.

K.H. (client), May 27, 2014

Mr. George Truly Cares

The things I most appreciate about Attorney Tim George are how respectful, articulate and honest he was about my case. He always presented every option for my consideration and welcomed my involvement and ideas. Also, his staff was always extremely professional, helpful and courteous.

Mr. George never made me feel like I was “bothering” him and took the time to include my family in planning/strategy. Perhaps, most importantly, I felt that Mr. George wanted a good outcome for me because he personally cared about me and saw my potential to make the changes necessary to present the court with the most positive case possible.

S.B. (client), April 9, 2014

Attorney George Review

Attorney George is a great guy. He is very informative with everything and ensures that any and all questions will be answered in a timely fashion. I had no issues with my case thanks to him – he was extremely helpful.

T.W. (client), July 23, 2014

Attorney George Will Work His Hardest for YOU

The morning after I was arrested for DUI I contacted several attorneys, some had been recommended to me, some I found via the internet. Attorney George promptly returned my phone call that day, and when he did he took the time to allow me to briefly explain the circumstances of my arrest. At that time, he suggested that I schedule a consult at his office that was free.

I was impressed that he was thoughtful and that he took the time to listen. I was also impressed that he offered to meet with me free of charge.The last thing that stuck out in my mind is that he did not promise anything. I was put off by an attorney that had brushed the matter off as insignificant and stated that he could get me out

of it, that seemed very unlikely. Attorney George was honest and straightforward, as well as sensitive to the fact that this was a very serious matter for me personally and professionally. I had never been in trouble before, and he was very reassuring.

Throughout the process Attorney George and his staff were friendly and accommodating. I felt that they treated me as an individual, and that they were not using a cookie cutter approach to my case. All correspondence, by phone and mail, was prompt and pertinent. When I had a question, it was answered clearly. Now that I have had my hearing, I can say that Attorney George was able to negotiate the best possible outcome to my case, and that I could not be more satisfied. In the simplest terms, you get what you pay for, and Attorney George is worth EVERY cent.

M.H. (client), April 18, 2014

Highly Recommended

I was very happy to have been represented by Attorney Tim George. He was very well versed in my case and always promptly returned my calls. His staff always made sure that he knew I called and were friendly, professional and helpful.

I would highly recommend him and his entire staff.

M.V. (client), April 9, 2014

A Good Man

I found myself in a legal situation that I could never dreamed of. In order to calm my fears,Tim actually met with me on a Sunday evening! From the start,Tim treated me with respect and understanding.Tim never let up until he proved my innocence. He calmed my fears. He explained what was happening in a way that I could understand and he kept me informed of what was happening in my case.

The staff at Purchase and George is professional, polite and kind. I knew that they too had my best interest at heart.They are a family ready to help. I would recommend Tim and his firm without hesitation. Finally, I can say of Tim George that he is not just a good lawyer; he is indeed a good man!

W.S. (client), March 21, 2014

You Can Trust Tim George to do Everything in His Power to Help You

I found myself in a legal situation and, through the years, heard good things about Tim George. I called his office and scheduled a consultation. His staff was polite and professional.When I met with Tim, I knew he was the real deal. He answered all of my questions, offered exceptional advice, and treated me with respect. Tim represented me at my hearing and got all the charges dismissed! He even took care of expunging the charges from my record! I highly recommend Tim George!

J.T. (client), February 25, 2014

If You Want Justice, Pick Timothy George as Your Attorney!

I think that Mr. George did a great job in defending my brother with the charges that he was up against. I like that Mr. George made sure that my family as a whole understood what was going to happen step by step in the court proceedings. He also went out his way to make sure my brother whom he was representing knew and understood everything about what was going to happen with his case until the day of the sentencing.

My family and I and truly blessed that my brother had Mr. George for his Attorney and he truly did his best to help my brother. Mr. George turned what could of

been a 10 year sentence into a 21 month sentence and that my family and I ARE GRATEFUL for.Thanks Mr. George for your dedication to your clients and to the City of Erie GREAT JOB AND WELL DONE!

S.A. (sister of client), May 7, 2013

A Simple Thank You

Tim was extremely kind, very patient and respectful. He was amazing. His staff was also very helpful and friendly.

L.K. (client) May 3, 2013

Tim George of P&G Provided Family Legal Help & Best Resolution

When our family, out of the blue, came into a legal problem,Tim George responded to our phone call the same day and within two hours of our call, without ever knowing or meeting our family. Further he responded both by phone and in person during the cases legal escalations before full relationship engagement had been completed.

Once fully engaged,Tim, with our questions and concerns, guided and comforted us with his legal explanations, organizing, and case progress. On numerous times, during the case, Tim George initiated actions to litigate and reduce legal charges. Finally,Tim George was successful in minimizing the legal final results in the best interests of our family.

We are grateful for Tim Georges law firm and their able, flexible, and competent legal expertise.Thank you Tim George of the Purchase and George Law Firm.

B.F. (client), January 22, 2013

A Job Well Done

I want to thank Tim George for the outstanding representation he presented to the District Justice to successfully defend me on a traffic offense. His professional

presentation showed research, planning and belief in me. I was extremely impressed with the confidence he showed throughout this ordeal.

I would recommend Tim George as an extremely organized, confident and friendly attorney to anyone who might need any legal representation. Once again, thank you for a job well done.

R.O. (client), August 5, 2013

Tim George was a Blessing to Me & My Family. He Truly is an Outstanding Lawyer &Person

Tim George was a blessing for me and my family throughout our whole ordeal.The empathy that Tim expressed towards me and my family during our nightmare was inspirational and heartwarming.Tim walked us through the process. He ensured my questions were answered and that I understood the next steps and expectations.Tim’s grasp of the legal proceedings comforted me during the difficult times.

I am thrilled and consider myself extremely lucky to have found someone with Tim’s interpersonal skills coupled with his outstanding understanding and commitment to me as his

client. I would whole heartedly recommend Tim to anyone who requires a lawyer.

J.V. (client), January 10, 2014

I Highly Recommend Tim George!

I hired Tim George to represent my son in a legal matter. Mr. George spent a great deal of time with my son and me answering our questions, giving sound advice, etc.Tim always returned our calls promptly, was easily accessible, and thoroughly prepared us for court.

Due to Tim George’s expertise and his thorough preparation for court, the outcome was beyond our wildest dreams. In fact, everything was finalized at the preliminary hearing and we never saw the inside of the courtroom.

In closing, I would not hesitate to use Tim George again. Needless to say, I highly recommend him to others without any reservations.Thanks, Mr. George!

E.W. (parent of client), October 2, 2013

Honesty, Integrity, & Respect

I hired Attorney George when dealing with a first time offense. He was prompt and attentive to my situation throughout the whole process. He answered my questions quickly and gave me peace of mind when it came to legal matters. He went above and beyond when appearing for court and his preparation prior to.

I am very appreciative for all the hard work he and his support staff contributed to my case. Not only did he assist me with my case but he also referred me to other services that have changed my life for the better.

The results he achieved were very acceptable and minimal. His dedication and determination gave me an end state that brought about limited life changes. I am very happy with his performance and I believe that without Attorney George, my outcome would not have been as desirable. In conclusion,Tim and his team gave me a new lease on life and I am very thankful.

M.A. (client), November 16, 2013


Tim was very helpful to me during a very stressful time. I found Tim to be informative, responsive and compassionate. He was able to understand the sensitivity of my case and I am thankful that I had Tim by my side!

M.L. (client) July 11, 2013

Tim George

After the death of a close family member, my husband and I realized we needed to make sure our wills were updated and reflected our wishes.Tim was very helpful by clearly explaining all of our options. He closely reviewed our present will and made suggestions where possible adjustments were necessary. He was very attentive and addressed all our questions and concerns.

We felt extremely confident in Tim and his staff.They were very professional, but at the same time personable and efficient.

Tim was also very helpful regarding legal issues dealing with the care of my elderly parents. He and his staff were quick to respond to phone calls I placed with them.Tim took the time to review what we had in place, and also informed us of issues we had never considered.We can not thank him and his staff enough for making this process so manageable. I will always consult Tim for any future legal matters that may arise in my family’s future.

P.C. (client), October 16, 2013

Great Work!

I hired Tim George and it was one of the best decisions I could make. Not only does he have extensive experience in

criminal law, he has worked with other attorneys with incredible portfolios. His work history in the Erie County District Attorney’s Office gives him knowledge on both sides of the fence that not every attorney has.

Overall, the experience of hiring him was relaxing. He immediately took control of the situation which required minimal work on my part. He had previous experience with the police officer raising charges against me and this allowed for optimal results in my case. His office contains plenty of

informational resources for you to take home for free, the best of which in my opinion is the manual on DUIs and in addition to these short instructional manuals you may take, his support staff is excellent for entertaining questions that you may have.

Overall, I recommend attorney Tim George with high regard. When it comes to matters of criminal charges, this is an area you do not want to trifle with and the easiest resolution comes to Tim George.

J.G. (client), January 26, 2014

Excellent Attorney

Tim was exceptionally helpful, knowledgeable and responsive during my son’s case two and a half years ago. I found him to be exceptionally trustworthy and honest about the case and what was realistic to expect and what wasn’t in terms of the outcome.

I believe that Tim’s knowledge of the system and ability to communicate effectively with the District Attorneys resulted in my son’s case having a much more favorable outcome than we expected. I would recommend Tim highly to anyone seeking an attorney for a criminal or other matter.

D.B. (parent of client), August 5, 2013

Professional & Attentive

I contacted Tim George’s law office for a consultation.The secretary was very professional and thorough. She made sure that she understood my concern and set up a time I could talk to Tim. I was impressed with Tim’s professionalism and logical approach to my questions. I would recommend Tim to anyone in need of legal representation.

N.B. (prospective client), August 2, 2013

Great Advice & Great Service = Great Results!

When a situation arose that I needed legal advice and representation on a traffic concern, some friends recommended Tim George.This turned out to be some of the best advice I have received in a long time. From the moment I made my initial call to Mr. George’s office I had a good feeling, as the receptionist and other assistants made me feel very welcome, and promoted the fact that I would receive the best legal advice and action from this law firm.

This feeling was greatly enhanced when I had the opportunity to meet with Tim, explain my dilemma, and explore what my legal options were. From that first meeting, to my eventual court appearance Tim was constantly in communication with me, making me feel very comfortable of what the outcome could and should have been. Happily, I can report that most of my legal concerns were concluded in an advantageous manner to me, much to my delight.

From my experience, I can recommend highly Tim George and his law firm to anyone that finds themselves needing legal help as I did.

P.C. (client), July 18, 2013

Top Gun

I got in some trouble back years ago and as a result had my firearm collection taken. This was over fifty guns. It took about five years but I got everyone of them back with the help of Attorney George. I met Tim George when he first opened his practice on 10th street here in Erie PA. Over the years he has helped me and my family.There team takes care of everything.They always return my calls and seem to go out of there way to handle all the problems for you.This guy swings a big bat.

G.F. (client), March 13, 2013

Attorney Tim George

Mr. George was very professional and quick to respond. He always treated me with respect and has a knowledgeable staff that is able to help you when he is not available. Mr. George helped me with a DUI arrest I faced several weeks ago. Even though

I work evenings into the night Mr. George and his staff always responded to my questions and returned my calls. I was well informed of what I was going to face well before my hearing through conversations over the phone with Mr. George, meetings, and a helpful assortment of reading material I was sent when I reached out to Mr. George. I highly recommend Mr. George and his staff.

D.M. (client) May 7, 2013

Great Results!

Not only was this an insightful experience into criminal law, Tim George was extremely effective at representing my case and achieving the best deal. His staff was completely professional

as well as friendly when dealing with your case. In addition to this level of professionalism and friendliness, his office offers information for you to educate yourself before the consultation and they are free to take home.Tim George offers free initial

consultation which essentially alerts you to the options you can take when charged with a criminal offense. Prior to the trial/ hearing he then offers you a consultation to slowly let you know what is happening with your case.Throughout the time he is representing you, you can feel free to call him or his staff which will offer knowledge on what is happening with your case.

I full-heartedly recommend hiring Tim George and would note that he has gotten the results that I wanted 2/2 of the times I had employed his services.

J.G. (client), May 7, 2013

Mr. George as an Attorney

Mr. George went above and beyond for me. He and I established a goal for the outcome early on and achieved it in the end. He has a very reputable standing in the legal community and used all of his resources to his advantage while helping me to see the outcome we desired. He was friendly, trustworthy, and let me know what was going on every step of the way. I had a very, very good experience with Mr. George.

M.D. (client), March 10, 2013

If You Want Justice, Pick Timothy George as Your Attorney!

I think that Mr. George did a great job in defending my brother with the charges that he was up against. I like that Mr. George made sure that my family as a whole understood what was going to happen step by step in the court proceedings. He also went out his way to make sure my brother whom he was representing knew and understood everything about what was going to happen with his case until the day of the sentencing.

My family and I and truly blessed that my brother had Mr. George for his Attorney and he truly did his best to help my brother. Mr. George turned what could of

been a 10 year sentence into a 21 month sentence and that my family and I ARE GRATEFUL for.Thanks Mr. George for your dedication to your clients and to the City of Erie GREAT JOB AND WELL DONE!

S.A. (sister of client), May 7, 2013


Excellent lawyer; capable, hardworking, fair and honest.

Attorney, February 2013

On Top of Things

I feel that people treated me respectfully and with dignity. I have never been treated so kindly and was informed in detail appropriately to my case.

H.L. (client), February 18, 2013

Dependable, Dedicated, & Very Much Appreciated

My son faced a number of serious charges, including felonies, and although he is a good kid, the situation he was caught up in made it almost certain he was going to be locked away for a long time.The thought of him not being with his kids broke my heart, but I didn’t know what, if anything, I could do to help. Hiring Attorney Tim George was the best decision

I made and helped my son more than I thought even possible. Tim and his staff did an excellent job preparing for his defense and communicating with me throughout. I was always aware of what was going on, what they were doing, and what was going to happen next without having to call and leave message after message.The outcome was also more than I could’ve hoped for and my son is doing great now with the second chance given to him by Mr. George.

A few years later, when my daughter found herself facing multiple DUIs, I knew exactly where to turn and got the same outstanding service and results as before. I cannot truly express what a good job they have done, or my gratitude for them doing so, but at least from this I hope they know how much it was sincerely appreciated.

R.P. (parent of clients), April 10, 2013

Mr. George

Mr. George and his staff were welcoming to my situation. He felt as if my case would be tough but was optimistic that we would prevail. Mr. George would try his best to put all of the pieces of the puzzle together to solve your case to the best of his ability.When it came down to my hearing he was at first able to reduce my charge to the bare minimal, then it was later agreed upon by the judge that it would be thrown out.

I would like to thank Mr.George and his staff for all that they have done, especially for my freedom. I would highly recommend him and his staff to anyone.

C.Y. (client), January 31, 2014

Tim is Highly Recommended

My case was referred to Purchase & George and Tim George… His staff was very helpful and kind. I have been kept abreast of what to expect at each stage in the case…Tim and his staff are trustworthy and have made me feel comfortable during this difficult time. His office is very prompt in returning

phone calls and sending email information. I have confidence dealing with him and his support staff.They treat me with the utmost respect and are always friendly and that means a lot.

I hope to NEVER go through this process again, but I would absolutely recommend Tim to anyone who needs his services.

N.W. (client), February 26, 2013

Highly Recommended

Attorney George did a great job for me. I was very scared during my case and he helped calm my fears while being very honest about what my worst outcome could potentially be. I am very grateful for his honesty and for not promising me an unrealistic outcome which allowed me to prepare myself emotionally and to take the necessary precautions. Luckily I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome with my case! I was absolutely thrilled! All thanks to Attorney George and his staff’s hard work and advice.

K.S. (client), February 14, 2013

Worth Every Penny

Purchase and George fought for me every step of the way.When the other company didn’t want to pay anything, Purchase and George fought until they secured a settlement I was very happy with.

J.D. (client), February 2013

Criminal Charges

Tim is a phenomenal attorney: a great listener and very punctual. Tim kept me informed every step of the way. I will never hire another attorney other than Tim George.

J.F. (client), February 2013

Very Good

We were very satisfied with our experience with Purchase & George, P.C.The staff made a bad situation a lot easier to deal with.We would definitely use your services again.Thank you.

D.D. (client), January 2013

I Highly Recommend Attorney J. Timothy George

Do not hesitate to retain Attorney George! Mr. George is extremely bright, dedicated and motivated.When we needed help the most, Mr. George became passionate towards our situation, dug deep into the facts and presented our case in an outstanding manner. We won big. So clearly and successfully that the records were expunged. If you need highly professional help, retain Mr. J.Timothy George.

I would like to thank you for your assistance… your knowledge and professionalism is greatly appreciated.

R.N. (client), January 2013

Excellent Referral

I was referred to Purchase & George, P.C. by a friend.The office staff always treated me with kindness and courtesy. I just want Mr. George to know how much we appreciate his help. Mr. George always let us know how things went and what was going on with my case. I will refer friends and family to Tim George.

J.W. (client), January 16, 2013

Masters of Their Craft

Mr. George and his entire staff are not only “on the ball” in every respect, they are some of the most courteous people i have ever met in any line of business.

As a business professional myself I was very nervous and unsettled at the charges I was facing, and the potential that they could somehow hurt my position within my company and my report with the employees under me, needless to say when my anxiety got the best of me throughout the long court process, Mr. George and Angelina were most comforting and reassuring in every way, the anxiety was half the battle which was more than taken care of by their excellent service. Mr. George literally proceeded to tell me exactly what was going to happen every step of the way before it happened.

I think that when one hires a law firm they are in effect hiring peace of mind, and that’s exactly what you can expect from Tim George and his associates, I will recommend them 100% if given the chance.

A.M. (client), January 10, 2013

Great Job!

I was very happy with all aspects of my son’s defense and will not hesitate to recommend Purchase & George, P.C. to others.Thank you again for everything!

R.P. (parent of client), January 2013

All-around Best

I am writing this just to thank you for the outstanding job you did on my recent case. I was expecting a much stiffer sentence than what I received thanks to your wonderful work. I would recommend you to anyone who needs legal help in the future. Again, I appreciate the great job you did for me. It was worth every penny.

J.Y. (client), January 2013

Great Lawyer

I send clients to Tim. He is careful & complete in his representation.

Attorney, January 2013

Excellent Settlement

They are very professional and friendly.They remain on task.They kept to time frames. Every time they told me something would happen, it did.They got me an excellent settlement. It turned out a million times better than I thought it could.

Tim George, the Right Choice

I was referred to Mr. George about a year ago by a good family friend, when I asked him for advice on a DUI charge I had incurred. I was set up for a meeting right away. I was exceptionally nervous, never having to speak to a lawyer before, but Tim made me feel at ease the minute we sat down to talk.

Some questionable aspects of my case did come to light in our very first meeting. It wasn’t until I got my certified mail detailing the charges that something was a miss.Very quickly another meeting was set up and within days a private investigator was hired to collect data and evidence.

Even Tim himself took a personal interest in obtaining evidence that would prove crucial to my case.Throughout the court proceedings he was always on time and always well prepared. He told me from the beginning “we” have a very slim chance to prove this conviction otherwise, I think “we” can win this. It was always “we,” I never felt like I was in it alone.

All of his hard work paid off. Due to evidence, questioning of the arresting officer, and a problem with the reasoning i was stopped in the first place, I was offered a plea. Instead of the DUI, I was charged with a summary offense and a fine.

Tim George saved me from thousands of dollars in fines, a suspended license, months of probation, and I did not have to use ARD. Hopefully I will never again need another lawyer for any defense purposes, but if I do I will choose Tim George. He fights for

his clients and their rights according to law. He is very attentive to your needs as a client, his staff has meetings set up quickly, calls often to update you on how your case is going, and is never to busy to take or return your calls.This is why if you are in need of criminal and/or legal advice and defense,TIM GEORGE IS THE RIGHT CHOICE.

D.T. (client), January 10, 2013

Highly Recommended!

Hired for a first time DUI. A law change at the same time prevented a license suspension, if Mr. George did not know this, my case could have ended up a lot worse. I appreciated his experience and his direct method of communication. I recommend his services and his firm.The support staff was very helpful and professional.

Client, November 21, 2016

Honest & Terrific Lawyer

Tim was always honest and upfront about my son’s legal charges.The results in the case exceeded our expectations and we couldn’t be happier.

A.B. (parent of client), January 2013

Recommended by Another Big Firm in Erie

Tim was recommended by another lawyer and I’m really really glad he was. I had charges from the attorney generals office and felt confident from the first time that I talked to him that he would not lose my case..Tim and his assistant (Angelina) treated me with the utmost respect, not like a criminal.Tim answered all phone calls and I saw him in his office as needed. My outcome was unbelievably no jail, but the completion

of an ARD program. (ARD is for first time offenders). I would highly recommend Attorney George for a criminal case.

S.R. (client), December 27, 2012

My Review of Attorney Tim George

I was in a situation where some people lied about some events that happened and because they lied it put me in a very bad position, I got arrested for something I didn’t do and faced possible jail time. Attorney George was recommend to me by a friend of mine who is also an attorney; he said he was one of the best attorneys that I could get and when I told my sister-in-law who I hired (who works at a different law firm) she also told me he was one of the best attorneys that I could have hired.They were both right!

He was very attentive to my needs and situation. He got to work on my case very quickly; he had a private detective working on the case within a week or two and the other staff that he had working for him were quick to respond to my phone calls and questions and

I seemed to always get a follow up call from Attorney George even if his staff had already answered my questions. He even called me on a Sunday morning while he was working on my case…That in its self showed me he was dedicated to his work and me.

When we went to the preliminary hearing I was still very nerves even though I was told he was one of the best I could get, I was still unsure of things; (I don’t trust that many people) and even though he and his staff showed me they were dedicated to helping me I was still not sure until I watched him talk to the witnesses there and prepared them to be asked questions and have them answered truthfully, even how he handled talking to the police officer and the stack of marital in my file he had to help support my case.

He was very prepared! And for a person who doesn’t trust or have a lot of faith in people to do the right thing, Attorney George and his staff our people I feel are very trustworthy and brought a little faith back to me about people who do care about their work and the people they are working for and helping them while doing that work, not just someone going through the motions. I hope him and his staff can do the same for you.

I would recommend him to anyone who needs an attorney; by the way I am not in jail so he must be doing something right!

N.M. (client), December 18, 2012

Absolute Professional

I hired Mr.George to defend me in my first DUI case. After our first consultation I was impressed by his confidence and could tell he had a lot of experience in cases like

mine.Truthfully I thought for sure I was going to be found guilty and hoped at the very least he would be able to assist in reducing the consequences of my foolish mistake. He never promised me any particular outcome but when he got my case dismissed at the preliminary hearing I was honestly shocked. I can’t put into words the gratitude and relief I felt. He was so well prepared and knew exactly what he needed to do to defend me. He made me comfortable even though I was ashamed of myself for being in that situation to begin with and his team stayed in constant contact with me throughout

the entire process. I highly recommend Mr. George to anyone dealing with a DUI. He absolutely knows what he is doing and worth every cent.

Client, October 11, 2016

Skilled, Decisive, Compassionate- a Professional of the Highest Integrity

Tim George used his considerable knowledge, along with his wide-ranging experience with the issues and the people in the legal arena, plus some in-the-moment quick thinking to create and provide a strong opportunity for success in my case. His calm confidence is both inspiring and reassuring that one is in the right hands. In the first few days, when my wife was in a panic,Tim made a personal call to her to answer all her fears and to clearly explain our options and the things we could expect in the

process. A genuine good man who knows how protect his clients’ interests. I recommend him without reservation.

Highly Recommend Tim George!

Tim George is a very personable, experienced lawyer. From the moment we met with him we knew we were in good hands. He took the time to explain what he was doing and what was expected of us. His staff, right down to Lisa greeting you when you walk in with a smile and a cup of coffee, to Kim and Tim always returning phone calls promptly and professionally.We never felt alone as they were with us every step of the way! We highly recommend Tim George and his very competent staff!

Client, July 21, 2016

Good Working Relationship with Local Legal Connections

Tim’s connections locally (In Erie and Millcreek) and regard amongst his peers made him an easy choice to represent us. He successfully negotiated an extremely favorable result saving our family a substantial amount of money as well as heartache. I would strongly suggest considering him and/or his firm for any legal issue.

Attorney George Works Wonders

Tim, I cannot thank you enough for your help in my matter. I truly appreciate you taking my case on such short notice and your patience and understanding were unbelievable. I will always be in your debt.

J.V., December 2012

Above & Beyond

Darrell and the entire staff at Purchase & George provided exceptional service and legal advice throughout the entirety of my case. And the results reflected this. From the initial consultation, all the way til the end they were there anytime I needed them. All matters were handled promptly and any inquiries I had for them were answered immediately.What stood out the most with Mr. Kuntz though was the fact that he seemed to genuinely care about me and I wasn’t just another client or number to him. I would highly recommend Mr. Kuntz to anyone in need of an attorney.

Derek, March 1, 2016

Very Thankful for Tim

If you are browsing this website, it is a possibility that you are in need of a lawyer.You are probably going through a stressful time in your life, and are in need of someone that you feel is going to help you through this difficult time. I cannot say enough about Mr. Tim George. He and his staff have gone over and above to help me. He made me feel calm and confident through what was a very difficult process for me. His expertise in his professional field is exceptional. I would highly recommend him if you are looking for a good quality lawyer.

Very Satisfied!

I was extremely satisfied with my experience working with Mr. George. He kept in contact with me through out the entire process and I always knew what was going on and what to expect. His expertise led to an outcome that was better than I could have hoped for!

Robert, February 14, 2016

Very Pleased

Mr.George and his entire office staff were very kind and helping me through my first ever experience with the law. He was able to get me exactly what he said he would in the outcome of my trial.The entire staff was very informative and kept me up to date on everything. Mr George even sent someone in his place, Mr.

Kuntz, when he wasn’t able to make a short notice hearing.Very pleased with my experience and would most definitely recommend him to others.

Allison, July 8, 2016

J. Timothy George

Mr. George exceeded my expectations professionally and in a timely manner. I highly recommend Tim without reservation! I do not like to make recommendation but I felt compelled to do so in matter.You will not be disappointed!

Life Saver

It was a dark day when I found out that my husband was arrested for and charged for a DUI. I knew at that point that I needed to find a lawyer. I went on the web avvo, yelp, and other websites and researched hundreds of lawyers but when I read about Mr.

Tim George I knew he was the right lawyer for us.Thank god I made the right decision. They were trying to charge him with 3rd dui when he never even had a second and other charges. At first I was nervous about the whole thing I was scared they would convict him and send him to prison and me and our kids would not see him for a long time. It was

a thought I could not bear.That is when Mr.Tim George came in to the rescue He was aggressive in the court room and in all legal matters even when it involved issues with out of state.Yet he was compassionate and understand in the way that he treated us. He was always there answering calls and returning them immediately. Angelina who works for Mr.Tim team has been like an angle from heaven as well she never would make me wait and always had answers to all my question. She is professional sweet person and I don’t know what I would have done without her help.Well Long story short I couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer and staff then Mr.Tim and Angelina and I am very grateful

for all of their hard work and perseverance.You have made a difference in our life Thank You! he got the DUI charge dropped completely!! and just got a small fine no probation no suspend license out not even points taken were points taken off!! We live in peace now and that is the best feeling ever!

Happy & Relieved!

I hired Tim as my attorney to get my criminal record expunged of two charges (harassment and assault) from 2007. He did a great job explaining the process and what was required of me. His support staff was also extremely helpful and responded to all my concerns promptly. I was so happy and relieved when I found out my petition

was granted! Tim did an excellent job and I would recommend his services to anyone in a similar situation.

Laura, April 29, 2016

Exactly What I Needed

After committing a very serious crime that, once all the allegations the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania decided to stack against me, had me looking like a dead man walking, I finally made the decision to reach out to a highly skilled criminal defense attorney for help. I waited until the very last possible second to do so and I wished I wouldn’t have. I wish I would have called the exact moment the Pennsylvania State Police contacted me because as soon as I called his office, one of his representatives was on the phone with me taking down all of my information and immediately scheduling an appointment to meet with Mr.Tim George. Once I meant with Tim it was obvious that he was highly knowledgeable in his line of work. He explained everything to me thoroughly and answered every single one of my questions, he realized what I was going through and helped me out every way that he could. I had multiple numbers that I could contact him at any given time and that made a big difference for me, being able to hear from him whenever and kept updated on my case was extremely important and helpful.

I went to Tim George for representation because I saw firsthand the results he warranted for a friend that was facing a few of the same charges I was facing. And I personally know that Mr. George was recommended to him through a family friend who is also a criminal defense attorney, so that went to show me that Tim must be the real deal and, on top of all that, he’s been practicing law for over twenty years.What he did for me was amazing and lifesaving, he got my most serious charges dropped and my minor charges amended. I also made a huge mistake along the way while awaiting trial and Tim was able to make those charges disappear as if they never happened in the first place.

I can’t recommend Tim enough and I’m going to quote what my friend told me about Mr. George,“…he worked wonders for me.” And seeing everything that he has done for me personally, I have a feeling that we are not in the minority.

My Savior After a Long Battle

“Tim always returned my calls promptly and was well prepared for court,” “Tim explained things well and treated me with respect” or “His support staff was friendly, professional and helpful.” I’m going to explain what happened the day of my prelim. I’m not a good writer so please excuse me. I have been up against a

wall. Before I just took the punches with the courts on a certain issue, but this time I was fed up with the system and I decided to do my research and find the right guy. After reading these reviews I knew where I should go. I served in the army

for nearly eight years as an infantryman. I have never experienced something more stressful than what I went through with this court ordeal even after my deployments overseas.The day of my preliminary hearing this is what happened we all showed up early he seen I was nervous and I was slouching in my chair and he told me

to sit with good posture which I should have known. Next, the DA walked by it was time for my hearing. Before they went into the room,Tim George pulled them aside in the hallway.Waiting nervously, the DA walked by and shook my hand and thanked me for my service.Tim had told me that all my charges were dropped (which included a felony and a misdemeanor 3) I couldn’t even begin to tell you what a relieve it was and how much stress was off my shoulders! I am so glad I went to Tim and if any other legal issues were to come up, I know the man to go too, he is the REAL deal.

Pit Bull with a Bone in the Courtroom

I was charged with DUI 6 months ago.Tim George was recommended by a close friend, and thank God I called Tim. He promptly met with me to review my circumstances. I explained that this would be devastating to my business if found guilty. Tim worked closely with me to begin collecting evidence that could possibly get the charges dropped in a suppression hearing. After months that it takes to go through preliminary hearing and getting a suppression hearing with the court system.The day finally arrived for my hearing.To say I was a nervous wreck is an understatement.Tim calmed me down and discussed again with me that the evidence he and his staff had collected should be enough to possibly receive a favorable ruling from the judge.Tim and his staff treated me with respect and honesty throughout this embarrassing time in my life.The hearing began and the case was presented by the District Attorney.When it was time for Tim George to begin my defense,Tim began to question the state trooper that had arrested me. After Tim got the trooper to make several untrue statements, contradicting evidence that Tim and his staff had collected.That is when became ‘A Pit Bull with a New Bone”.Tim relentlessly questioned every untrue statement the trooper had made. Once Tim bit into this trooper, he would not let go.Tim began presenting the overwhelming evidence that he had collected.This evidence proved that the trooper had lied several times about his justification to initiate the stop in the first place. At

this point I was more impressed than ever with how hard Tim was fighting for me. In 6 days I received a call from Tim to tell me the “Great News”.The Judge had ruled in our favor, and all evidence was to be thrown out. I have to say, I think Tim was as excited as me to hear the news.Tim George and his wonderful staff had just saved me from what would have meant jail, loss of license, thousands of dollars in fines and possible destruction of my business. I owe Tim and his Staff much more than just the

legal fees I paid them.Tim called me a few days later to tell me, he would try to get the “Arrest” expunged from my record at no additional cost. As phenomenal a job that Tim and his staff did for me in this trying time, I have every faith that he will accomplish this for me also. If you need a lawyer who will truly fight for you, then Tim George is the lawyer you need to call.

In a Tough Situation I am Thankful I was Referred to Attorney Time George!

I found myself in a situation I never expected to be in. I was referred by my attorney for this case. He called Attorney Tim George. Attorney Tim had little time to prepare and reverse a PFA. I watched Attorney Tim go to work and prepare for the hearing. Not only was he prepared, he was stellar in my defense. I have never been so concerned about my future. Attorney Tim’s skill and personal nature showed the facts and reversed the ruling. Being innocent is not always enough! You need a smart, hardworking Defense Attorney. Use Attorney Tim George. I am so glad he was there for me.

Excellent Lawyer

Tim has helped me through a very difficult time of my life.Tim started my case the very same day we met with him.Tim always kept me up to speed on my case and about any actions he was going to take or any phone calls he was going to make. I shared information with him and he actually looked at everything I gave him. My divorce lawyer didn’t look at any of it, which I was very upset at because it was material to help with my custody, at least I thought so. I had numerous conference calls with him and his knowledge of the system and the laws is outstanding. I would recommend Tim to anyone who is facing charges, especially if you have been wrongly accused. He works very hard on your case, and if he has something on his mind he is not afraid to call you in the evenings, which I thought was great.That tells me that he is always thinking about you and your well-being. If I am ever in need of a lawyer again,Tim will be my first phone call…

Great Person & Great Lawyer

Tim is a fine lawyer who cares about his clients.

Attorney, December 2012

Tim George- I Highly Recommend Him

My original Law Firm was reaching the Statute of Limitations for filing my case. I was on pins and needles because very little was being done.Then, my case was given to Purchase & George. Immediately, they hopped on board. I was contacted and a meeting was scheduled at my home with their Case Manager. I did not have to make the nine

hour round trip. His staff was very helpful and kind. I have been kept abreast of what to expect at each stage in the case. I have had several meetings with Tim.We meet in a little café across from the Courthouse to review new information which has been acquired.

If you want a good attorney who cares enough to represent you with the attitude that he is representing someone he cares about, then contact Tim. He keeps me straight on the facts and how to approach certain obstacles to help win my case.

Tim and his staff are trustworthy and have made me feel comfortable during this difficult time. His office is very prompt in returning phone calls and sending email information. I have confidence dealing with him and his support staff.They treat me with the utmost respect and are always friendly and that means a lot.

I hope to NEVER go through this process again, but I would absolutely recommend Tim to anyone who needs his services.

Fantastic lawyer, wonderful office, very satisfied

Tim George is a fantastic lawyer. Friendly, respectful, communicative, and thorough.The women who work in his office also deserve a lot of praise for their rapid response times and thorough follow-up.

I contacted Tim during a difficult time in my life. I was pulled over and charged with a DUI (thankfully no collisions, property damage or the like). I started researching lawyers in the area, and it became clear that there was a gold standard: Purchase and George.Tim personally consulted with me over the phone, sending my comprehensive packages of material to read up on what exactly I was being charged with, and what my options were. I live outside of Pennsylvania, but Tim and his office acted as an

essential liaison between the police/court system and myself.We didn’t miss a beat, and the process moved smoothly (although slowly – as legal processes often do).

After the initial hurdles, paperwork, meetings, etc. my court date arrived, and Tim and his team were there for me still. I forgot some paperwork back in my home state, but Tim’s office moved quickly get the documents I needed. Didn’t miss a beat.Tim fought for me, from every possible angle, and managed to reduce the charges significantly – most importantly, saving me from losing my driving license for any time – and I was

successfully placed in Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD). He is still working with me, and after successful completion of the ARD program, his office will work to fully expunge my record.

I cannot express sufficiently the degree to which Tim and his office reduced the pain and stress associated with this process. He’s truly dedicated, and has many year of experience to draw on. It shows in his work, awards, and – as I exemplify – in his satisfied clientele.

Client, January 19, 2017

Professional and Caring

A poor decision on my part resulted in a DUI charge. After some research, I scheduled a few consultations, one of which included Mr. George (or ‘Tim’ as her prefers to be called). His professional demeanor and level of compassion made my choice very easy. He was honest and up front throughout my case.

He made himself very accessible and answered any question I had through his email even on weekends and evenings. Even after my case was resolved (ARD), he continued to be there for me while going through the ARD program. I was extremely embarrassed by my poor decision.Tim made the process very smooth and his level of compassion was beneficial in me being able to put this behind and move forward.

Anonymous, February 6, 2017

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