A: A good personal injury lawyer will be honest with you about the possible outcomes and options available to you in your case.  The lawyer should be on time with deadlines and should keep you informed about what's happening in your case.  If you need to speak with your lawyer, he or she should be available to you within a reasonable amount of time and should  return your phone calls in a reasonably prompt manner.  Also, while personal injury litigation can take a long time, the lawyer should consistently be moving your case forward.

If you've hired a Pennsylvania personal injury lawyer but are unhappy and want to change lawyers for any reason, you should know that the process is fairly easy.  First, you should find another lawyer with whom you are comfortable.  Second, you should notify the first lawyer that you've hired another lawyer and are terminating your relationship.  Your new lawyer will also contact the first lawyer and arrange for the file materials to be transferred.

Changing lawyers should not cost you extra.  While there may be minor fee differences between lawyers, you will not have to pay both fees.  Instead, your new lawyer should make arrangements to pay the first lawyer's costs and, if appropriate, arrange to pay the first lawyer a portion of the fee recovered that fairly compensates the first lawyer for whatever work was performed. 

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