A: The vast majority of Pennsylvania injury cases settle before trial.  The percentages vary from year to year but it is fair to say that at least 95% of Pennsylvania injury cases settle. 

Nevertheless, there's an old saying among lawyers that goes something like this: "Lawyers who hope to settle often end up facing trial, while lawyers who prepare for trial often see their cases settle." The point is that trial is the endgame that drives the settlement process. The better your lawyer prepares for trial, the more likely it is that your case will settle at a fair price.

Whether your Pennsylvania injury case is one that should settle or go to trial is a question that a responsible lawyer cannot answer when you first meet. A lawyer simply lacks enough information to make a reliable prediction so early in the process (although there are some risk factors that may be identifiable early on that indicate a higher than average likelihood of settlement or trial).  However, generally speaking, the odds of settlement are good. The question will be whether it is a fair settlement or just a settlement that avoids trial.

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