A: Not everyone who has been in an auto accident needs a Pennsylvania car accident lawyer.  If you're not injured or if your injuries are very minor then there may be no need to hire a lawyer.  However, we've seen circumstances where people appear to have suffered only modest injuries at the scene but are later found to have suffered permanent or long-lasting injuries, including ruptured or bulging vertebral discs and other complications.

If you've suffered a serious injury then you need an experienced Pennsylvania injury lawyer.  The other driver's insurance company may try to get you to settle quickly, before you know the full extent of your injuries and without understanding the full value of your case.

Never sign anything from the other guy's insurance company without at least ordering our free book, The Ultimate Guide to Pennsylvania Accident Cases.  Even better, call us today for a free consultation with an experienced Erie car accident lawyer.  Call locally at 814-580-5017 or toll free at 877-505-9548.