Cases We Handle

At Purchase, George & Murphey, P.C., our team meets with you, listens to you, and explains to you what will happen -- and does so often enough so that you truly understand your options and the best way ahead. We are careful to limit our caseload. We do not accept every case. We accept only cases with merit and reject frivolous claims. Fewer cases means more time for you. Fewer cases also means that more time and effort can be devoted to getting you the results you deserve. Call today to learn if we are a good fit for you & your case.

Car Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents & Truck Accidents

More than 90,000 families are harmed by Pennsylvania vehicle crashes every year. The amount of money damages recovered depends on how well your case is investigated and whether you have a lawyer with the right experience in settlement negotiations, during litigation and at trial. More than 90% of cases settle out of court. So, the quality of work put into your case early can maximize your recovery. Get our Free Book or call us now.

Medical Malpractice

More than 98,000 patients die in U.S. hospitals every year as a result of medical errors. This is more than those who die from car accidents, breast cancer, and AIDS combined. Finding out whether you or someone you love has been the victim of medical malpractice depends, in part, on how your case is investigated and on who represents you.

Insurance Claims

Insurance companies are often reluctant to settle Pennsylvania insurance claims for fair value, equal to the amount of your loss. These insurance companies sometimes delay the fair evaluation and full payment of your claim. A study commissioned by the insurance industry showed that when you have a lawyer, you're more likely to recover more when filing an insurance claim.

Criminal Defense

Most of us take our freedom for granted - until we face the possibility of losing it.  You may not have been in trouble before now. You don't know what to expect. You're scared about going to prison or losing your job. (Or you have been in trouble before, and you know the difference a good lawyer can make.)  We don't take freedom for granted. We defend freedom. Read what our clients and other lawyers say about us. Call us today to protect your rights.


In Pennsylvania, every year thousands of people are accused of DUI. You are not alone. You may never have been in trouble before. You probably have lots of questions.  Will I go to jail? Will I lose my driver's license? What will happen to my CDL? Will I lose my job?  You've come to the right place for answers. Get our Free DUI Books, watch our videos, get answers to FAQ, or call now.