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Erie Texting While Driving DUI Case Dismissed

On August 14, 2013, the Court ruled that police lacked sufficient evidence to stop a motorist who was holding an illuminated cell phone for two or three seconds while driving after midnight through the Borough of Albion in Erie County, Pennsylvania.

The police stopped the motorist, who exhibited no other signs of poor driving, under the belief that he violated 75 P.S. §3316(a), which is commonly known as the “No Texting While Driving” statute in Pennsylvania. The police alleged that the motorist “could have” been texting and the manner in which the motorist held the cell phone may have blocked his vision of the roadway. The suppression court disagreed and suppressed all evidence obtained after the motor vehicle stop, which included observations of intoxication, failed field sobriety tests, and blood alcohol content (BAC) results. The Commonwealth later withdrew all charges, including DUI charges, against the motorist.

No two cases are exactly the same. The facts of each case often are in dispute. You cannot expect that your case will be resolved just like this one. However, you can expect our best effort, personal attention, and a commitment to the defense of your freedom.

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Mr. George and his entire office staff were very kind and helping me through my first ever experience with the law. He was able to get me exactly what he said he would in the outcome of my trial. The entire staff was very informative and kept me up to date on everything. Very pleased with my experience and would most definately recommend him to others.

Allison, July 8, 2017