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Who is Responsible for Medical Bills Resulting From a Lyft or Uber Accident?

October 11, 2020

uber accident lawyer erie paRideshare services like Lyft and Uber have proved to be so valuable in our lives that it’s hard to believe the transportation services have only been around for a decade. What people love about these rideshare services is the ease they offer to not only get around our beautiful state and other areas around the country, but they’ve proven to be a much more affordable method of transportation. Because of this, it’s easy to overlook the fact that Uber, Lyft and any other forms of rideshare vehicles run the same risk for being involved in a motor vehicle accident than any other car on the road. What should you do if the unexpected happens? That’s what we discuss below.

Does Coverage Change if I’m a Passenger, Another Driver or Pedestrian?

The short answer, yes but the good news is that there is likely an insurance policy available that will cover your injuries. Find out how below.

Pennsylvania is a “Choice No-Fault” Insurance State

In the state of Pennsylvania, drivers have a choice to sign up for either a “fault” or “no-fault” insurance policy; these are usually found within your “full tort” or “limited tort” insurance options. If a driver selects a “no-fault” policy, their insurance will cover at least $5,000 worth of injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident, regardless of who was at fault.

It’s important to note that all drivers in Pennsylvania are required to have car insurance and certain minimum coverage. These minimums include:

  • $5,000 for property damage
  • $15,000 per person for injury
  • $30,000 per accident for injury
  • $15,000 per person and $30,000 per accident with uninsured/underinsured motorists

It’s important to remember that even though all drivers in the Keystone State are required to carry insurance, that doesn’t mean all of them do. So if you’re an Uber driver or pedestrian, for example, who is struck by another driver who doesn’t have insurance or doesn’t have adequate coverage, your uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage will kick in to cover the rest. An example of this would be if you sustain $30,000 worth of damages from an accident but the other driver’s insurance policy will only provide $15,000 worth of coverage; if this is the case, your uninsured/underinsured coverage will pay the remaining $15,000.

How Uber and Lyft’s Insurance Policies Work

Uber and Lyft’s insurance policies are limited depending on the details of the accident and what the driver was doing at the time of the incident:

  • If the rideshare driver was off duty and not actively signed in to the app, then his or her own insurance policy will be used in the event of an accident
  • If the rideshare driver is logged into the app but does not have an active passenger, both Uber and Lyft’s “contingency” policy kicks in. In this type of situation, the rideshare driver’s insurance policy will be primarily used, but the accident victim may be able to seek additional compensation from the rideshare company or uninsured/underinsured insurance policies. Simply put, the rideshare company’s policy will usually only kick in if the rideshare driver didn’t have or didn’t have enough insurance.
  • If the rideshare driver accepted a ride and has an active passenger, both Uber and Lyft’s $1,000,000 insurance policy will kick in to cover any injuries that were caused by the at-fault rideshare driver. If another driver was at fault for the accident while you were riding in a Lyft or Uber, then the other driver’s insurance policy will be used.

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