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In our case results section, we compile some recent case summaries as a means of illustrating common experiences in personal injury cases, including cases that result from car accidents, commercial truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, medical errors, insurance claims and other accidents and injuries.  We do the same for criminal defense & DUI case results of ours.

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Cautionary Statement About Injury & Criminal/DUI Case Results

At the bottom of this page, we offer "Purchase, George & Murphey, P.C. Outrageous Guarantee!" and we encourage you to read it and believe it. The truth about case results is that, while interesting and informative, they are not predictive of results in different cases. Each case is different and turns on its own unique facts and circumstances

Car Accidents

McKean County Car Accident
Awarded: $1,250,000

Do You Really Need a Lawyer in Your Case Against... Encompass Insurance?
Awarded: $225,000

C5 - 6 Herniation, Vertebral Fusion - $185,000
Awarded: $185,000

Erie Car Accident Case: Lost Wages Drive Settlement
Awarded: $75,000

Erie Injury Lawyers Report Head Injury/Limited Tort Settlement of $135K
Awarded: $135,000

Do You Really Need a Lawyer in Your Case Against...Erie Insurance?
Awarded: Not a lot, but a lot more than Zero

The Case about the Insurance Company that Sued a Nine Year Old Boy
Awarded: Confidential

The Case that (Mysteriously) Grew Tenfold
Awarded: $75,000

Referral From Erie Car Crash Lawyer Settles for Policy Limits
Awarded: $100,000 (Policy Limits)

Erie Car Accident Ends in Payment of Policy Limits
Awarded: $125,000 (Policy Limits)

Do You Really Need a Lawyer in Your Case Against...State Farm?
Awarded: 450% More Than The Initial Offer

Policy Limits
Awarded: Policy Limits

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Commercial Truck Accidents

From Zero to $325,000 in Six Months
Awarded: $325,000.00

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Motorcycle Accidents

Rear End Accident, Conservative Care Only
Awarded: $33,500.00

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Insurance Claims

Do You Really Need a Lawyer in Your Case Against...Erie Insurance? (The Rusty Trailer Story)

Settled for Claim plus Attorney Fees

The Case about the Insurance Company that Didn't Know its Own Policy
Awarded: $100,000

Rear End Accident Results in $260,000 UIM Evaluation
Awarded: $260,000

$200,000 UIM Evaluation - Policy Limits
Awarded: Policy Limits

Uninsured Motorist Claim Settles for Limits (but first the insurer tried to get away with less)
Awarded: $100,00 (Policy Limits)

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Medical Malpractice

Verdict for Patient Against Oral Surgeon in Medical Malpractice Trial
Awarded: $200,000

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Other Personal Injury Practice Areas

Pennsylvania Premises Liability Case Nets $200,000 Settlement
Awarded: $200,000

Erie Injury Lawyers : Pool Hijinks Lead to Injury Settlement
Awarded: $70,000

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Criminal & DUI Case Results


They say lawyers never make guarantees but here is one that's outrageous, rock solid and absolutely irrefutable: We promise and will guarantee to you that no two cases are alike. You absolutely cannot reliably predict the outcome of one case based upon what has happened in another. Even if the facts seem alike, even if the injuries seem identical you should not expect that the outcome in a case that is similar to yours is predictive of the outcome of your case. So, please don't think that the reporting of results in this section is meant to be a promise or guarantee or even an indicator of how your case will turn out. That is not the purpose of reporting these case results. On the contrary, we report these case results more to illustrate our experience in dealing with insurance companies and other decision makers in personal injury cases so that you have a better understanding of how personal injury cases proceed through settlement or trial. In fact, we sometimes don't include numbers in our case results for various reasons, one of which is that the actual numbers may distract from the point we're trying to make with our case result (other times it may be because the numbers are subject to confidentiality agreements). So, understand that these results are real life examples of personal injury cases and thus can be interesting and informative but they are NOT meant as predictors of how your case will end.