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Things You Can Do to Minimize the Risk to Your Family While Walking

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Things You Can Do to Minimize the Risk to Your Family While Walking

It’s probably something that has happened to you. You’re out for a walk and you go to cross the street only to find that you have to dodge a vehicle that is moving too fast or one that doesn’t stop even though you are in the crosswalk.

A Pedestrian Is Killed Every Two Hours. Pedestrian safety is a serious issue in America, even in small and medium-sized towns and cities in Pennsylvania. According the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there were nearly 4,400 pedestrians killed in 2008 and another 69,000 were injured in the United States. On average, there is one crash-related pedestrian killed every two hours and a pedestrian injury every eight minutes.

The CDC indicates that the oldest and youngest in our population are at greatest risk for pedestrian accidents and that alcohol often plays a major role.

Older Adults. Pedestrians over the age of 65 accounted for 18% of all pedestrian deaths and an estimated 10% of all pedestrians injured in 2008.

Children. In 2008, one in every five children between the ages of 5 and 9 who was killed in traffic accidents was a pedestrian.

Alcohol. Alcohol impairment – either for the driver or for the pedestrian – was reported in 48% of the traffic crashes that resulted in pedestrian death.

Safety Tips. To limit your risk of injury when walking, be extra careful at intersections and be on the lookout for drivers who fail to yield the right-of-way when they are turning. Also, carry a flashlight and wear reflective clothing (or wear a reflective PT belt or vest) when walking, especially at dusk and after sundown. You also should use the sidewalk whenever possible, but if you have to walk on the street, walk facing traffic.

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