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2 Reasons Why You Need a Pennsylvania Insurance Claims Lawyer to Represent You

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2 Reasons Why You Need a Pennsylvania Insurance Claims Lawyer to Represent You

Erie County insurance claim lawyers can help you increase the amount of your accident insurance claim and reduce the stress caused by your insurance company. Call an experienced Pennsylvania insurance claims lawyer at Purchase, George and Murphey, P.C. at 814-273-2010 for more information about how to get an equitable settlement for your accident claim.

Many accident victims would like to settle their claims with insurance companies rather than go to trial. When an insurance company is willing to provide a fair and equitable settlement, then there are advantages to settling. However, many insurance companies make it difficult to settle claims.

Common Hurdles to Settling an Equitable Insurance Claim

An insurance company may, for example, deny a claim that it knows to be valid or offer an extremely low settlement amount. Insurance companies often play on accident victims’ financial fears and encourage them to take quick settlements for less money than they deserve.

How Your Erie Auto Insurance Claims Lawyer Can Help

The lawyers of Purchase, George & Murphey, P.C. understand how insurance companies work and can help you in a couple of important ways. Specifically:

  • We Can Work to Increase the Amount of Your Insurance Claim.
    People who are represented by lawyers typically settle their insurance claims for more money than those who represent themselves. Allstate’s own training manual for its insurance adjustors indicates that when an injured party is represented by a lawyer, they are likely to settle for two to three times more than someone who is unrepresented by counsel.*
  • We Can Reduce the Stress Caused by Your Insurance Company.
    The games that insurance adjusters play can be stressful for a victim. They can require a victim to spend a lot of time and energy making his or her case to the insurance company — at a time when the victim’s time and energy are better spent recovering from his or her injuries. A lawyer can handle all of the insurance negotiations for you so that you can spend your time healing and rebuilding your life after your accident.

Eric Purchase and Tim George are experienced Erie County insurance claim attorneys who are committed to helping you recover the damages to which you are entitled. We employ thorough investigators, including former insurance adjustors, to give us a detailed understanding of your accident. We use our decades of legal experience to help you after an accident and we are committed to providing you with the personal attention and zealous advocacy that you deserve.

Contact us now at 814-273-2010 for a free consultation and to find out how a Pennsylvania claims lawyer can help you.

*Source: Allstate Unrepresented Adjuster Training Manual, July 1995.