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Teaching Materials Summary and Index

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Teaching Materials Summary And Index

If you’ve been injured and are looking for an Erie injury lawyer who handles injury claims, car accident claims, or insurance claims, you may have a hard time figuring out how to choose the right lawyer for you and your case. There are so many advertisements on TV, in the yellow pages, and online — and most of them say the same things: We Care! We’re Aggressive! Free Consult! No Fee If No Recovery!

Well, these statements are true of most every Erie car accident attorney who handles such cases and they do nothing to differentiate one lawyer from another. In our free book, “The Ultimate Guide to Pennsylvania Car Accident Cases: A Roadmap to Justice,” we offer a helpful guide to choosing the right lawyer for you and your case. One of the things that we suggest an injury victim ought to inquire about is whether an Erie injury lawyer has taught other lawyers and insurance professionals about injury topics and whether that lawyer will provide copies of the teaching materials used.

To do our part, we’ve provided copies of the materials used by Eric Purchase in seminars given over the years to lawyers, insurance claims adjustors, and other claims professionals. Below is a summary and index to the teaching materials available on our site.

1.  – March 23, 1994
This seminar was given to insurance claims professionals and defense lawyers in northwest Pennsylvania in March 1994. The materials are noteworthy because of the flow chart that accompanied them. For years after the seminar, insurance adjustors reported that they kept a copy of this flowchart in their desk drawer. One even claimed that she had it laminated to protect it for future use.The materials describe the law relating to claims for negligent (not intentional) infliction of emotional distress as of 1994.

2.  – March 22, 1995
This seminar (like all of those prior to 2006) was directed at Pennsylvania insurance adjustors and insurance defense lawyers, most of whom were from Erie, Crawford, Warren, Venango, Mercer, and Forrest counties. The materials address the state of the law as of 1995 pertaining to reimbursement owed by injured people for public liens.What many people do not understand is that injured people are often obligated by law to reimburse other people or entities out of money received from personal injury cases. Thus, the net recovery an injured person sees from an injury case is often far less than the gross amount paid.

3.  – April 1, 1998
This seminar was directed at insurance claims professionals and Erie car accident lawyers working in northwestern Pennsylvania. The materials address recent cases of interest relating to first benefits owed by auto insurance companies to their insureds, mostly arising out of Pennsylvania car accident-related injury claims.

4.  – April 8, 1999
These materials address accidents and injuries arising from dangerous or defective property conditions, including snow and ice conditions. They were provided at a seminar to a group of Pennsylvania claims professionals and car accident lawyers.

5.  – April 4, 2002
These materials were provided to seminar attendees as part of a wide-ranging panel discussion. Together with two other highly regarded Erie car accident lawyers, we discussed several topics, including:

  1. The then-recent phenomenon of juries who award zero damages to injured plaintiffs even when the defendant concedes liability for the car accident;
  2. When, whether, and how surveillance information in Pennsylvania personal injury cases should be produced in response to discovery requests made in the context of an injury lawsuit; and
  3. How Erie car accident attorneys can make the most effective use of experts at trial of an injury lawsuit.

6.  – September 24, 2008
These materials were provided at a seminar sponsored by the Erie County Bar Association and approved by the Supreme Court for Continuing Legal Education credits. The seminar was for Erie lawyers and lawyers from northwest Pennsylvania who were interested in learning more about trial techniques and tactics. The three speakers at the event were Attorney. Eric J. Purchase, Attorney Leonard G. Ambrose, III, and the Honorable Michael E. Dunlavey. The materials presented here address the effective use of deposition transcripts at trial of a Pennsylvania personal injury case.

7.  – November 5, 2009
This seminar was hosted by the Erie County Bar Association and approved by the Supreme Court for Continuing Legal Education Credits. The event was directed at lawyers from Erie and surrounding counties in Pennsylvania who wanted to learn more about the law of Pennsylvania car accidents and car insurance. Speaking at this seminar were Attorney Eric J. Purchase, Attorney Craig Murphey, Attorney Craig A. Markham, and George J. Wharton, P.E.

The materials provided address recent cases of interest concerning:

  • First Party Pennsylvania Auto Insurance Benefits;
  • The Peer Review provisions of the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Law;
  • Third Party Liability Coverage Under Pennsylvania Auto Insurance Policies;
  • The Development of the Law Pertaining to Under-insured and Uninsured Motorist Claims (UM/UIM) following the decision of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court in Koken v. Insurance Federation of Pennsylvania; and
  • Trial Preparation and Practice.

The Bottom Line

These materials are dated, obviously. But they offer some useful information about the underpinnings of the law today on the subject matter and provide some insight into the experience and background that the lawyers of Purchase, George & Murphey, P.C. bring to their cases. If you’d like a free consultation with one of our experienced Pennsylvania injury lawyers, call today at 814-273-2010 or fill out one of our online consultation forms.