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Crawford County Medical Malpractice Lawyers

Seasoned Medical Malpractice Lawyers Fight to Uphold Patient Rights in Crawford County

Despite the shocking prevalence of medical malpractice in the United States, the fact remains that it can be extremely difficult to recover fair compensation based on the harm you have suffered without the help of an experienced medical malpractice lawyer.  The same is true if you have suffered from medical malpractice in Crawford County.

The reason for the strict and specific medical malpractice laws that apply in Pennsylvania is twofold—first, doctors and healthcare providers are not all-knowing, and patients can suffer bad outcomes for any number of reasons, but it remains important that people have access to medical care.  Secondly, if every patient who suffered a bad outcome was permitted to bring a lawsuit for medical malpractice, those who truly suffered at the hands of a negligent medical professional would be less likely to recover compensation in a clogged court system.

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At Purchase, George & Murphey, P.C., we understand that most medical professionals are diligent in carrying out their duties to patients.  On the other hand, we are passionate about protecting those patients who have genuinely suffered harm because of medical negligence. If you suspect you have been harmed by the actions of your doctor or other healthcare professional, call us today for a free case evaluation.

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What is Medical Malpractice Under Crawford County, Pennsylvania Law?

Medical malpractice in Crawford County occurs when a doctor, nurse or other healthcare professional breaches the applicable “standard of care” and so commits medical negligence.  The “standard of care” is a level of care that a prudent healthcare professional with similar training would and should exercise under the circumstances at hand. Essentially, this means that, to establish that malpractice has occurred, we must also establish that the medical professional’s actions were unreasonable under the circumstances—or so unacceptable as to be shocking.

Often, this requires a full analysis of the injured patient’s medical records, as well as consultation with respected medical specialists, to determine both the applicable standard of care in the case and whether the healthcare professional violated that standard and caused the harm suffered by the patient.

Circumstances Under Which Medical Malpractice May Occur in Crawford County

Medical malpractice can arise based upon any number of circumstances, and we frequently handle cases involving:

  • Surgical malpractice, such as the performance of wrong-site surgery or unnecessary surgeries,
  • Hospital-acquired infections,
  • Birth injuries,
  • Failure to diagnose cancer, including breast cancer,
  • Failure to diagnose other diseases,
  • Misdiagnosis of a disease,
  • Failure to obtain informed consent,
  • Lab and testing errors,
  • Obstetrical errors,
  • Medication errors

Purchase, George & Murphey Passionate About Protecting Patients from Malpractice in Crawford County Medical Facilities

Because medical malpractice in Crawford County can take on so many forms, it is also true that any number of parties may be held responsible for the harm caused by the malpractice.  In a medical malpractice case, the responsible party may include:

  • The hospital or medical facility,
  • A physician or surgeon,
  • Nurses,
  • Laboratories where tests are analyzed,
  • Lab technicians,
  • Radiologists,
  • Pharmacists and pharmacies,
  • And more.

We fight to win full compensation for our injured clients, whether through negotiations with the hospital and insurance companies or via a formal medical malpractice case in court.  This may include compensation for all medical expenses, future medical care, lost wages and the pain, suffering and mental anguish caused by the harm.

Call Today to Determine Whether You Have the Right to Compensation Based on Medical Malpractice in Crawford County

Establishing the patient’s right to financial compensation in a medical malpractice case is complex under the laws that apply in Crawford County.  Our medical malpractice lawyers are skilled in both evaluating your case and in formulating the most compelling argument possible for compensation in your case.  To schedule a free initial consultation, call us today, or fill out this online contact form. You can also use the chat feature on our website to schedule an appointment.

About Crawford County, PA

Crawford County is located in Western Pennsylvania, in the northern portion of the state.  Meadville is the most populated city in Crawford County, representing approximately 13,388 of Crawford County’s approximately 85,000 residents.  Crawford County is also home to several hospitals and medical facilities, including the Meadville Medical Center, the Titusville Area Hospital and the VA Crawford County Community Based Outpatient Clinic.

Frequently Asked Questions About Medical Malpractice Cases in Crawford County, PA

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