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Main Causes of Pennsylvania Construction Accidents and Injuries

April 4, 2021

Construction sites represent some of the most dangerous places to be. Construction sites are filled with lots of heavy equipment and machinery, vehicles, and dangerous or hazardous materials being moved around and stored. Although construction companies are expected to implement policies and procedures to reduce the risk of a site accident, accidents and injuries remain an all-too-common occurrence on construction sites. Some of the most common causes of construction accidents in Pennsylvania include:

Fires and Explosions

Many construction sites are filled with flammable and explosive materials, including gasoline, flammable liquids, and other flammable building materials. Improper storage of flammable materials, or allowing flammable materials to get near sources of ignitions such as open flames, heaters, blowtorches, welders, or live electrical wires, creates a significant risk of explosions or fires.


Falls represent one of the most common causes of construction accidents. Falls can take the form of slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall accidents or may involve a fall from height. Construction sites can be messy places, meanings there are slipping hazards or tripping hazards all over the place. People on construction sites may also be required to get up onto unsecured heights, such as on roofs, unfinished floors, or scaffolding. Although safety equipment can help reduce the risk of falls, failure to properly use such equipment means that fall accidents remain a risk.


Construction sites also have electrical wires and live power lines. Failure to implement proper safety procedures when dealing with live wires, including keeping the area around live wires dry and wearing appropriate safety equipment when handling or working around live wires, means that electrocution represents an ever-present risk.

Falling Objects

On a busy construction site, there is always a risk that objects are accidentally dropped or knocked off from a height. For example, objects may be accidentally bumped off of a scaffold, or a mechanical failure or operator error may result in objects being dropped from a crane. When these objects come crashing down, they can injure anyone unfortunate enough to be underneath. This is the reason why hard hats are considered mandatory for anyone entering a construction site.


Working on a construction site can be physically demanding, especially when a person is exposed to the elements. As a result, workers can face risks of injury such as overexertion, repetitive motion/stress injuries, hypothermia/frostbite, or heat stroke, depending on the conditions of the worksite. These conditions can lead to serious tissue damage or organ injury. Overexertion or exposure injuries can be prevented by ensuring that people on construction sites wear appropriate clothing and protective equipment and are given regular breaks and the ability to come in from the heat or cold.

Underground Collapses

Many construction sites involve digging trenches and basements. When not properly secured, an underground worksite on a construction site represents a risk of collapsing, potentially seriously injuring, or killing those in or near the trench or underground area. A trench or underground collapse may even cause the building being constructed above to collapse, putting anyone in a much wider area at risk of injury.

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