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Halloween Safety Tips From an Erie PA Personal Injury Lawyer

October 30, 2022

11 Halloween Safety Tips From an Erie PA Personal Injury Lawyer

As Halloween quickly approaches, now is a good time to go over a few safety tips. Use these tips to help you keep your family safe this Halloween:

Tips for a Safer Halloween

  1. Choose costumes carefully: Make sure kids have good visibility when wearing their Halloween costumes. Make any necessary adjustments so they don’t trip over it.
  2. Wear reflective tape: Adding a strip of reflective tape to your child’s costume can help ensure they are seen when out trick or treating at night.
  3. Cross at designated crosswalks: It may be tempting to cross in the middle of the street, but this makes it more difficult for drivers to notice pedestrians. Encourage your kids to only cross at stop signs or designated crosswalks.
  4. Avoid distractions: Avoiding distractions as both a driver and a pedestrian is important on Halloween night. Have kids put down their smartphones when crossing the street.
  5. Accompany kids when necessary: The recommended age to accompany kids is under 12 years. But you know your kids better than anyone.
  6. Set boundaries: It’s also a good idea to set boundaries for any kids who do plan on going out trick or treating together. This includes how far they can go and when to come back.
  7. Slow down: If you’re driving this Halloween, slow down. Take extra care to stop fully at stop signs and red lights, and always look both ways before going.
  8. Avoid costumes with masks: Masks also make it difficult for kids to see. Try to avoid costumes with masks, and instead, go with face paint.
  9. Know your city’s rules: Each city has different rules, including the local trick-or-treating hours. Make sure you and your child know these rules.
  10. Put your smartphone away: If you’re driving, put your smartphone away so you won’t be tempted to use it.
  11. Avoid alcohol: Avoiding alcohol can help you be more aware of your surroundings and make safer decisions.

Following a few safety tips can help you stay aware of your surroundings this Halloween. Many accidents that occur on Halloween are due to distracted drivers, kids crossing in the middle of the street, or the inability to recognize trick-or-treaters. There also tends to be a higher-than-average number of alcohol-related accidents and tickets on Halloween. For some parents, this may be the first year their child goes trick or treating without them. Reviewing a few safety tips with them ahead of time can help keep them safe. 

As one of the tips states, setting boundaries is a great way to know where they’re at, especially if this is one of their first years out alone. Know what friends your child is out with and make sure you have a way to reach them if you need to.

Injured in an Accident This Halloween?

While we hope that everyone’s Halloween is uneventful as far as accidents go, it’s also important to be prepared just in case. Teach your child what they should do if a dangerous situation arises when out with friends. Prioritize the safety of everyone involved, and always receive medical care as soon as possible. Know when the case may require more investigation, and then consider contacting a lawyer. Keep in mind that there are time limits on filing a claim, so it’s important to consider your legal options as soon as possible.

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