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Pennsylvania Dog Bites: What Are My Rights?

If you are a dog lover it can be tough to pass by a dog on the street and not stop and say hello. You might be inclined to pet a neighbor’s dog while on a walk and while that may seem like a harmless act, it could result in you being bitten. Worse than […] Read More

Mistakes to Avoid After Getting Into a Car Accident

Buckle up. Check your mirrors. Drive with caution. There are many things drivers do in order to remain safe when on the road, especially in Pennsylvania where so many factors can play into a simple drive to go buy groceries. But nowadays, cars come equipped with new technology to help avoid accidents like indicators in […] Read More

Tips For Sharing The Road With Motorcycles

Most of the time you hear them before you see them. Most of the time it’s an increasingly loud rumble — known as rolling thunder — and that’s when you know there is a motorcycle or group of motorcycles on the road with you. As a motorcyclist, there is nothing better than taking a road […] Read More

What Should I Do If I Get A DUI In Pennsylvania?

No one plans on getting a DUI (driving under the influence). More often than not it is a genuine mistake on the part of the driver and an unfortunate one at that. It can be a hard lesson to learn, especially with how harsh the DUI laws in Pennsylvania are. If it is your first […] Read More

Wet, Slippery, and Icy Road Tips

  When fall is in full swing and winter on its way, road conditions can change with each rising and setting of the sun. From wet leaves to black ice, and from snow to large puddles on the road, there are plenty of different hazards that motorists need to be wary of when on the […] Read More

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