Another Erie County Personal Injury Verdict In The June Term Makes You Worry About Fair Compensation

I recently spoke with Atty. Lisa Presta about another jury verdict this term that illustrates the risk and challenge of trial. Purchase, George & Murphey, P.C., P.C. was not involved in any way with the trial or handling of this case. Atty. Presta represented a driver who was at-fault in a rear end collision. There […] Read More

Recent Erie County Verdict Illustrates Challenge Faced By Injured People

I recently spoke to Atty. Greg Zimmerman who told me about a personal injury case tried to verdict before a jury this past trial term in Erie County. Purchase, George & Murphey, P.C., P.C. was not involved in this case in any way. Atty. Zimmerman represented the at-fault driver in a motor vehicle accident. The […] Read More

Insurance Laws Miss The Point

I read with interest a letter to the editor in today’s Erie Times News. The writer, Carol Hunt of Elgin, wrote of an unfair situation in which one uninsured driver caused a minor accident and was cited by the police for failure to have the required insurance while another, in a different accident which caused […] Read More

Representing Deaf Hard Of Hearing And Blind Clients

If you or someone you love is deaf, hard of hearing or blind you may well have encountered significant difficulty with lawyers who fail to recognize their ethical or legal obligations to ensure that they effectively communicate with all their clients. One resource that we thought was helpful in understanding the needs of clients who […] Read More

New Article On How You Can Protect Yourself From Medical Mistakes

It has been reported that there are 98,000 deaths annually from medical mistakes and another 99,000 deaths from preventable infection. And these numbers do not include people who’ve been disabled or otherwise injured as a result of medical error. My wife and I have children and they’ve had long term care and urgent care needs. […] Read More

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