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Results of an autopsy could reveal medical negligence

Should a patient die while receiving treatment in a hospital or other medical facility, the patient's family has a right to know the cause of death. If the family feels they have not received a satisfactory explanation, they may want to have the event investigated. In some cases, an examination of the deceased's medical records will clear the matter up. In other instances, the family may wish to have an autopsy performed.

A wrongful death can threaten a family?s emotional well-being

On a day-to-day basis, most of us go about the business of our lives with a sense of assurance that we know what is going to happen next. Our emotional well-being is bolstered by having a sense of stability. Often it is the people we love who help provide that stability. It is their understanding, love and acceptance that helps us feel that all is well.

Wrongful death cases require careful preparation

The emotional devastation caused by the sudden loss of a loved one can leave a family in a profound state of bereavement. The unexpected death of someone close can cause feelings of both sadness and confusion. Life may not even make much sense in the aftermath of such a tragedy. How could someone who was an important part of a family be around one day and be gone forever the next?

In what ways can a hospital be held liable for negligence?

You likely know that if you ever suffer an injury due to negligence while receiving medical care, you can bring a lawsuit against the doctor who was responsible. But in regard to medical malpractice suits, doctors are not the only ones who may be held liable.

Walmart faces lawsuit from celebrity injured in truck crash

Motor vehicle accidents happen in every state across the nation. And while some only get reported in local papers, some garner national attention. Sometimes this is because a celebrity or famous person was involved in the crash, while in other cases they are of national interest because they touch on a problem that affects the entire nation.

Possible wrongful death claim following fatal Pennsylvania crash?

Being involved in any type of accident is an unfortunate consequence of being a motorist in Pennsylvania. However, when an individual is involved in a fatal accident, the effect it can have on the decedent's loved ones can be life-altering. Recently, a woman was killed in an accident that could potentially bring a wrongful death claim because of the apparent negligence of another driver.

The certificate of merit and what it's doing for med-mal cases

As many of our Pennsylvania readers know, suffering an injury due to someone else's negligence often leads to a desire to seek compensation from the guilty party. In the case of medical malpractice, that negligent party is usually a hospital or its medical staff. But in order to prove negligence, the plaintiff must show that the medical personnel or hospital did not provide care to the acceptable industry standard.

Two road workers struck by semi on closed turnpike

A serious accident involving two workers from the Turnpike Commission is standing as a tragic reminder of what can happen when motorists fail to exercise caution in road construction areas. It’s a tragedy some of our Erie readers may have already heard about but hope they never experience in their lifetime.

Victim's family seeks compensation for negligence on film set

When the cast and crew of the movie “Midnight Rider” were told that they would be filming a scene on active railroad tracks there was no shortage of misgivings. But what did they have to fear? Would the producers and directors really put their lives in danger? Surely they had checked with the railroad company that operated on those tracks. What were the chances that every safety precaution necessary had not been taken?

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