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What Justin Bieber Can Teach Us

By now (for better or worse), you've probably heard of Justin Bieber. He managed to land himself in a lawsuit with a former employee, and on March 6, 2014, as part of that suit, Bieber was deposed. (You can watch the deposition at

What if You're Not Read Your Miranda Rights?

Miranda rights are those constitutional rights that each of us has to remain silent (not be forced to be a witness against ourselves) and consult with a lawyer before answering questions while in police custody. Many people are under the impression that if they've been arrested but haven't been read their Miranda rights, they can't be convicted of the charges.

Attention Motorcyclists: Help Prevent Coverage Tragedies

Most Pennsylvania auto insurance companies structure their policies so as to force motorcyclists to insure their motorcycles separately from their other vehicles. This often results in low or limited coverage and causes what we call "insurance coverage tragedies."

10 Things Everyone Should Know about Motorcycles

•1. Over half of all fatal motorcycle crashes involve another vehicle. Most of the time, the motorist, not the motorcyclist, is at fault. There are a lot more cars and trucks than motorcycles on the road, and some drivers don't "recognize" a motorcycle - they ignore it (usually unintentionally).

A Deadly Mix of Distractions on the Road - Texting While Driving

There are approximately 6,000 traffic deaths and 500,000 injuries caused by distracted drivers every year. Most already know that cell phones and texting divert a driver's attention away from the road for five or more seconds, and that drivers under 20 represent the population with the highest percentage of distracted drivers.

Public Service Announcement: "Sexting" is a Crime

For you kids out there (and parents, too!), be aware that so-called "sexting" can be prosecuted as a criminal offense in some states, including Pennsylvania. Sexting occurs when someone sends a "sexually explicit" (e.g., nude) picture of himself or herself to another via email or social media, often with a mobile device such as the ones many teenagers routinely possess.

Little Tolerance for Underage Drinking & Driving

Since 1988, the legal minimum drinking age in every state has been 21. Many states had lowered the drinking age in the late 1960s and early 1970s to age 18. The results were disturbing, as the number of alcohol-related traffic fatalities rose.

Improving the Odds for Teen Drivers

Motor vehicle crashes are the number-one cause of death among American teenagers. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention statistics for 2013, over 2,100 teens were killed and nearly 250,000 required visits to hospital emergency rooms. The fatality rate for young males involved in auto accidents was almost twice that of their female counterparts.

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