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New motorcycle vastly reduces chance of falls

Riding a motorcycle is great fun, so long as it remains upright. Dropping a motorcycle while waiting at a stop light can not only be embarrassing, but it's also a back-straining hassle to get your bike back on its wheels. But more significantly, if your motorcycle tips while you're riding and you take a tumble, you could be seriously injured.

An overview of ATV accidents and injuries

An ATV, or “all-terrain vehicle,” is a type of recreational vehicle that you can drive off-road for fun or work. Many people use them to drive around the country or on family farms for pleasure. Farmers and laborers use ATVs to travel around farms and inspect crops and livestock. In short, ATVs have numerous applications.

Attention Motorcyclists: Help Prevent Coverage Tragedies

Most Pennsylvania auto insurance companies structure their policies so as to force motorcyclists to insure their motorcycles separately from their other vehicles. This often results in low or limited coverage and causes what we call "insurance coverage tragedies."

An airbag for your head?

A Swedish company released a new piece of safety equipment this year that it claims will revolutionize safety and impact prevention technology. The Hovding, a new type of helmet, automatically inflates when it detects an impact and surrounds the head absorbing impact and preventing head and neck injuries. You probably saw several commercials and YouTube videos of people experimenting with the helmet.

Are helmets responsible for an increase in neck injuries?

The question of whether or not motorcycle helmets are responsible for an increased risk of cervical spine injuries has been at the forefront of the long time opposition against mandatory helmet use. Many motorcyclists believe that helmets actually increase head mass which puts more strain on the neck in a collision. Fortunately, this is not true. In fact, motorcycle helmets have been found to be associated with an overall decrease in the risk of cervical spine injuries in accident.

Receive the compensation you deserve after a motorcycle accident

Inattention on the part of a passenger vehicle's driver causes thousands of accidents and injuries to motorcyclists each year. Even though cyclists are expected to follow the same laws as other drivers, they are often overlooked and subsequently injured due to driver inattention. Fortunately, victims of motorcycle accidents, and their families, may be able to receive the compensation they deserve after injury by seeking the quality representation of a professional legal advocate.

Improved skills could help motorcyclists avoid accidents

There are certain requisite skills that all motorcyclists must master before getting on the road with other traffic. Fortunately, as we covered previously on this blog, beginning riders can take the Basic Rider Course that is part of the Pennsylvania Motorcycle Training Program.

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