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Impaired drivers responsible for fatal accidents on state's roads

Seeing a driver who is clearly in some way impaired is one of the most frightening experiences you can have while traveling on a Pennsylvania roadway. To drive safely, a motorist must have full possession of his or her faculties. Alcohol and drugs can seriously diminish one's judgment and motor skills, making the possibility of causing a serious accident that much more likely.

What are the average medical costs for car accident injuries?

It is not uncommon for an individual who has been involved in a car accident to require hospitalization. Car accidents can produce injuries that range from minor to fatal. Some injuries, such as those to the brain or spine, can leave a victim in need of long-term or even lifelong care. Such treatment is typically very expensive. But even injuries of lesser severity can also generate costly medical bills.

Technology has helped create an abundance of distracted drivers

There is no denying the fact that technology has had a profound impact on our lives. With the advent of the Internet and other communication networks, we have the capability to be connected to others 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Certainly, in many ways this constant interconnectivity has been a boon to people on both a personal and business level. But there is a downside as well.

What can you do if you see a drunk driver on the road?

Typically, Pennsylvania motorists have few problems getting from here to there on the state's roadways. Nonetheless, there are hazards to stay on the lookout for. Some hazards involve road conditions, such as potholes or areas under construction. However, often the greatest dangers are posed by other drivers.

Police focusing on intoxicated drivers through holiday

Three-day weekends can provide Erie residents with myriad opportunities to get out and have some fun. However, holiday weekends can also pose extra dangers on the road as some drivers get behind the wheel while impaired by alcohol or drugs. Impaired drivers put themselves, their passengers and all other road users in danger.

Onboard devices can create distractions for drivers

Car ownership is an extremely important part of the lives of many Pennsylvanians. Many people depend on their cars for work as well as conducting other day-to-day activities. But sometimes people like their cars to have extras that provide added safety, valuable information and entertainment.

Man's ankle broken in Erie car accident

Most Pennsylvania motorists understand driving is a privilege that comes with a great deal of responsibility. We all must obey the rules of the road in order to stay collectively safe. If a driver is responsible for causing an accident, he or she is required by law to stay at the scene. Hit and run drivers do more than just break the law, they also violate the generally accepted belief that we should all take responsibility for our own actions.

Investigations can help get to truth about car accidents

In the story "A Study in Scarlet," the world famous private detective Sherlock Holmes declares that "there is nothing like firsthand evidence." With this quote, Holmes is telling us that our best chance to discover the truth about something lies in our ability to access information directly and unfiltered.

April observance reminds motorists of distracted driving dangers

Pennsylvania motorists are likely well aware of the hazards caused by drivers who use mobile devices while behind the wheel. Yet cell phones and other such devices are not the only things that can create dangerous distractions for drivers. In order to avoid being involved in automobile accidents, drivers should set aside anything that takes their attention away from the road until safely stopping their vehicles.

New technology could help drivers avoid accidents

When we take to the roads of Pennsylvania, we know that staying alert is important for staying safe. A good driver is constantly surveying the traffic so as to react as quickly as possible to any potential hazards. But it can be difficult to respond to everything that happens as we drive. A car accident can be caused by that one thing we missed or simply had no way of predicting.A new motor vehicle technology is being tested that holds the promise of providing drivers with critical traffic information while they are behind the wheel. The so-called V2V technology is designed to send signals between vehicles.Vehicles outfitted with the V2V system would be able to broadcast and receive information to and from similarly outfitted vehicles. Reportedly, the data transmitted would include a vehicle's brake status, speed and even steering wheel position. With this sort of information readily available, drivers could better anticipate the actions of other drivers. Currently, General Motors has plans to build the V2V system into future models of its cars. But this system is still very much in development. Even if the system becomes a standard part of all motor vehicles, it may take years before all cars and trucks have V2V technology on board.So for the time being, we are left having to depend on our own powers of observation to keep us clear of danger as we drive down the road. But automobile accidents can happen anytime. All too often, victims are left with life-changing injuries. Injuries from a car accident could leave you unable to work and may even require long-term care. All the while, you will face mounting medical expenses.In order to get a satisfactory level of compensation for a car accident, you may benefit from the services of a Pennsylvania personal injury attorney. The attorney could work with insurance companies or help you prepare a civil suit as you attempt to receive a just settlement.

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