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Distracted driving crashes can be costly for victims

Distracted driving is something that you see almost every time you go out of the house. These drivers are putting everyone on the road at risk of being injured or dying because they don't want to take the time to focus solely on driving. For the people who are injured in these crashes, taking action is important.

Your may not recognize your car accident injuries at first

In many cases, victims of a car accident will not fully experience their symptoms until well after the injury occurs. Some kinds of injuries take some time to manifest, but that does not make them any less serious or disruptive to a victim's life. If you believe you may be suffering delayed symptoms, you should not hesitate to seek out proper medical treatment. If you wait longer, you condition may worsen, and in some cases, can cause long-term damage.

The cause of your crash can impact a compensation claim

We recently discussed what actions you should take after a car crash. These steps are important for all accident victims because they can help to preserve your right to seek compensation if you opt to do so in the future. One of the most important things you can do is to think about what you are saying when you are handling all aspects of the accident. Be sure that you don't say or do anything that someone might think is an admission of fault.

Take the appropriate steps after a car crash

Being involved in a car accident can shake you to your core. You have to take the appropriate steps after the accident to preserve your right to claim compensation if you opt to do so. This is often possible if the accident was caused by the actions of another driver.

Hiccups for Uber’s self-driven car

Uber signaled its intention to defy California regulators and refused to apply for permits to operate self-driven cars in the state. Unfortunately, a mere week after this revelation, it appears that Uber’s self-driven vehicles are not quite as reliable as they are touted, and they might get “confused” by bike lanes.

Treating a child's depression after a car accident

Understandably, physical injuries are a primary concern for children who are in motor vehicle accidents. After all, a high-impact collision can leave victims with broken bones, deep lacerations and even brain and spinal damage. But less discussed is the emotional trauma that can result from being in a car accident.

Sickness and driving are a dangerous mix

When winter comes, we are all more vulnerable to coming down with a cold or the flu. You are likely familiar with the symptoms of these illnesses, which can include fatigue, fever, headaches, coughing, sneezing and muscle aches. To put it bluntly, suffering from a seasonal illness is absolutely no fun. But were you aware that it can also cause problems on the road?

What do you do after an accident that wasn't your fault? Part 1

Everyone would like to think that they are prepared to deal with a car accident. But car accidents are by their very nature they are confusing and frightening. The sudden unexpected impact will jar anyone out of their normal thinking processes, so it is important to think about and prepare for these eventualities, so you are ready.

Are smartwatches distracting drivers?

Smartwatches are taking the world by storm. A plethora of devices from wrist-worn fitness trackers to full-blown smartwatches are being offered to drivers. Unfortunately, these smartwatches are another device that distracts drivers. The study, from Tech Times out of the United Kingdom, found that smartwatches may, in fact, be more distracting than smartphones.

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