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Misdiagnosis Can Lead To Traumatic Experiences

The diagnosis of cancer is difficult for anyone to hear. However, what if that diagnosis is incorrect? You might end up undergoing chemotherapy, radiation or other treatments that are unnecessary. If this occurs and you eventually find out that you never had cancer, you might feel elated at first. Your elation might eventually turn to […] Read More

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The Way You Are Injured In A Car Crash Might Matter

The things in a car that can injure you in an accident are too numerous to name. Just last week, we discussed how seat belts can lead to injuries if the circumstances are just right. This is only one of the objects that can harm you. Think about what happens in a crash. Everything that […] Read More

Seat Belt Injuries Can Range From Minor To Very Serious

When you get into a car, you know that you are supposed to wear your seat belt. This is something that is drilled into your head constantly, especially when you were younger. Being restrained is also the law in most cases. Did you know that this simple safety step can actually also lead to you […] Read More

Stay Involved In Your Medical Care To Prevent Errors Notes Study

Imagine going in for a surgery on a testicle only to find out when it is over that the doctor removed your healthy testicle. This would be a nightmare for any man. Sadly, it does happen sometimes. The incidence of wrong site surgery isn’t as prevalent as what it was in the past, but it […] Read More

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